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Stephen & AnnaWe at Biting Remarks realize that our recent posts have repeatedly sung the praises of Alexander Skarsgard’s compelling performance as Eric (deservedly so), but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the formidable attributes of True Blood’s star vamp, Bill Compton. So as we await next Sunday’s penultimate episode of the season with bated breath, we introduce a regular feature to this blog called “Supernatural Stats,” in which we’ll occasionally examine some personal tidbits about our favorite True Blood stars. We begin this week with a few morsels about the oh-so-sexy Stephen Moyer.

Born: In Brentwood, Essex, England on October 11, 1969 (well preserved, like a true vampire!)

Personal:  Has a young son and daughter by previous relationships and is engaged to co-star Anna Paquin (but you knew that already, didn’t you?)

Career Notes: Cut his teeth with stage roles and TV appearances in his native England; Played the title role in the 1997 film “Prince Valiant” opposite Katherine Heigl and had his big break in the USA Network miniseries “The Starter Wife,” which went on to a short run as a weekly series without him after he had committed to “True Blood.” His absence probably killed the show’s chances.

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The Starter Wife

The Starter Wife screen capture by Sanna_o75. Click on the image to see more great shots of Stephen!


August 23: Wall to wall action! 

Bill & SookieThe Exorcists

Despite having another sexy dream about Eric in his vulnerable state of mourning Godric’s passing, Sookie demonstrated what a great team she and Bill make when they arrived in Bon Temps to discover the town in a state of chaos. Finding her home transformed into an eerie, candle-lit garden of evil, Sookie and Bill confronted Miss Maryann and we discovered that although she’s superstrong like the vamps, and her blood is noxious to Bill, she is vulnerable to an agitated Sookie’s touch, which created a blinding glow when it met the maenad’s fiendish flesh. “What are you?,” wondered a fascinated Maryann, echoing Lorena’s question when she bit the nerdy, telepathic bellhop in Dallas. Could the glow mean that Sookie and the bellhop are Earth-bound angels? Will they figure in Maryann’s defeat? Stay tuned. Fleeing chez Maryann, our dynamic duo tackled the task of freeing Tara from her possession. Sookie and Bill again proved a formidable duo when they combined their powers to liberate Tara from Maryann’s spell.

Friend or foe? Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Sophie-Ann

Friend or foe? Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Sophie-Ann

Bill promptly left town to recruit the help of a royal vampire who just might have the solution to Bon Temp’s maenad problem. Evan Rachel Wood, the beautiful actress who is dating shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, has been cast as Sophie-Ann, the Queen of the Vampires. Will she be good or a total bitch? Will “True Blood” be swapping one villainess for another? 

Mob Mentality

Maybe we’re crazy, but detective Andy is really starting to grow on us. We love how he’s protecting the adorable Sam, even if he is “an occasional nudist.” After the two were lured to Merlotte’s by a possessed Arlene’s fake distress call, they managed to get themselves locked in the freezer. Luckily, Jason shows up in  a Rambo-meets-the-Texas-Chainsaw-Massacre get up (which nicely showcased his toned biceps, by the way), wielding a chainsaw and a B-movie attitude.

Jason always ends up shirtless. Go figure.

Jason always ends up shirtless. Go figure.

 When Sam surrendered himself to Maryann’s minions, Jason and Andy proved they’re not as stupid as they look by faking the arrival of the “horned god” everyone’s been awaiting. Andy has a second career waiting for him as a special effects guy and Jason, well he looked mighty toned in his shirtless getup as Miss Maryann’s faux demon god. Sam’s shift into fly mode was a stroke of genius and the dumb denizens of Bon Temps bought it hook, line and sinker.

 Best lines of the night:

 “You dirty little monkey,” – Hoyt’s possessed mom, putting the moves on a grossed-out Jason at Bill’s house.

 “At least shoot the cheap liquor. Bottom shelf! Bottom shelf!” – a possessed, but cost-conscious, Arlene to her gun-toting lover man Terry as they struggled to subdue Sam and Andy at Merlotte’s.

 “There’s a new waitress at Merlotte’s?” – a hopeful Jason, anticipating a new conquest before learning of Daphne’s untimely demise.

 “Jesus and I agreed to see other people. That don’t mean we don’t talk from time to time,” – Lafayette to his stunned aunt after completing her prayer to release Tara from her possession.

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The Party’s Over

Maryann the maenad is royally ticked off. She thought it would be relatively easy to waltz into the Bon Temps jailhouse and “free” Sam from his imprisonment. Lucky thing he was inspired to “fly” the coop through an air vent and promptly showed up at the front door of boozy detective Andy, who didn’t even flinch at the sight of a naked Sam. An enraged Miss Maryann freed the Bon Temps jailbirds, who had been in her recent orgy, in “black-eyed” mode and commanded them to hunt for Sam, who better have a good plan to avoid the sacrificial altar she’s prepared for him. Next week’s previews suggest that the stage has been set for a battle royal between Miss Maryann and the good people of Bon Temps (what’s left of them, anyway) and our valiant vampires.



Eric in his tank

Eric’s Treasure Chest

In the aftermath of the suicide bombing at Godric’s lair, Sookie found herself lying underneath Eric (where he’s wanted her to be for a while now). After Eric covered her body from the blast with his well-muscled Viking bod, Sookie had no choice but to suck the bloody silver shards out of his manly neck and chest. Pretending to be on his death bed to fool Sookie into drinking his blood, Eric proved he’s still a manipulative, selfish, horny vamp (the way we love him). Now Sookie is a part of him forever, an understandably disgruntled Bill pronounced. Yuck, says Sookie. Yum, thinks Eric, who later appears in an erotic dream she has, triggered by her blood bond with him. Eric and Sook looked mighty nice in a soft glow, lying side by side in bed in delicious discovery of each other. “Bill who?,” she thought, egged on by that killjoy Lorena (will she NEVER leave?).

Goodbye, Godric

The farewell between Godric and Eric before Godric ends his life by stepping into daylight was heartbreaking with some damn fine acting by Alexander Skarsgard. This actor has many delightful layers that we are eagerly waiting to see revealed in future episodes. Sookie, looking fetching in her checkered dress, stood by Godric as he joyfully ended his eternal life, giving him the human companionship he so craved. We’re bummed to see him go. He’s super cute and interesting. Might he rise again, like a phoenix? Hmmm.

Best lines of the night:

“I can’t breathe. You weigh a ton.” – Sookie, pushing Eric’s hunky body off her like debris after he saved her life in the explosion.

“I simply object to a girlfriend who will kill you and eat you. I think that’s reasonable.” – Hoyt’s prejudiced mom, defending her objections to his dating Jessica.

“You’re a soulless bitch.” – Lafayette, telling it like it is to Miss Maryann before beating the crap out of Eggs and hauling a screaming Tara out of Maryann’s clutches, for now, anyway.

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Maryann: a gal in serious need of a manicure.

Maryann: a gal in serious need of a manicure.

Hi all! I’m a “True Blood” fan who is a tad late to the whole blogging thing, but I’m here nevertheless (and happily so). My first post about this amazing, kick-ass show that never fails to make me say — nay, scream — OMG! begs the question: What is Maryann really up to? OK, so we now know that she’s a maenad, a mythological creature who is some sort of high priestess who worships the Greek god Dionysus. This Dionysus dude is the god of wine and according to Wikipedia (one of my favorite things in this world, so handy), he inspires madness and ecstasy. This explains all the horny goings-on among the clueless town folk of Bon Temps around the campfire when Miss Maryann tried to literally get her claws back into poor Sam. The “True Blood” producers — whom I love dearly for putting passion back into TV, believe me — have distracted us with all that neo-Nazi Brotherhood of the Sun stuff in Dallas, but I still think next month’s season finale will center on Maryann’s true reason for being in town. I have a sneaking suspicion that her hunky minion Eggs has implanted some sort of demon spawn inside poor Tara’s incubator. Ever since Maryann came to town, literally running Tara off the road with her little piggy Daphne (so glad to see her go), she’s been hellbent on Tara and Eggs doing the nasty. And did they ever! As their sinewy bodies coupled, their lascivious faces all spooky with black-eyed abandon, Maryann vibrated faster than a popular girl’s cellphone set to the silent mode. Feeding Daphne’s shapeshifting heart to the unsuspecting Tara and Eggs struck us as if she were adding a final ingredient to a mighty potent recipe. I think it’s gonna be a recipe for disaster. Rosemary’s Baby, anyone?

Here, Miss Maryann confronts her favorite wayward pet Sam. Funny how nobody questioned her unique hairstyling preferences.

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