TV Guide features Sookie with her vampire beaus on dueling covers.

Posted: July 29, 2010 in True-Blood, TV
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Magazine alert! All you Truebies had better get a copy of next week’s TV Guide, which has a very sexy cover shot of our gal Sookie (Anna Paquin) with bad boy Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) doing their rendition of a romance novel cover. The magazine, which has another cover on newsstands featuring Anna with real-life fiance Stephen Moyer (Bill), also features a two-page spread showing Anna with both of her vampire suitors as a mid-season teaser of the major plot twists we can look forward to in Sunday’s episode. The central point of the article is the division among True Blood fans regarding which sexy vamp Sookie should be with. Musclebound werewolf Alcide (Joe Manganiello) is thrown in as a dark horse candidate just to complicate things further. I’ll admit that Alcide — recently upgraded to series regular for season 4 — is a hot addition to the cast, but so far his attraction to Sookie has been a slow burn. He’s still hung up on that tarty she-wolf Debbie Pelt and the fact that he would even notice her dampens my enthusiasm for him. Still, there’s plenty of twists left in the remainder of the season, which has been a little overstuffed if you ask me, and perhaps Alcide will break the hold doggy Deb has on him and rise up to challenge Bill and Eric for Sookie’s love. Alan Ball hints that Bill and Sookie’s bond will be seriously damaged by upcoming revelations and this is where I think the tide will turn in Eric’s direction. I have to say I’m inching closer to Team Eric these days. I love the sound of Bill’s honey-dripped accent when he says “Sookieeeeeh,” but the way Alex Skarsgard has looked at Anna in some of his scenes from the past two seasons literally melted the TV screen. He does a great job of communicating with this facial expressions and body language (and what a body!) how Eric HATES the fact that Sookie is getting to him, but he is helpless to stop his feelings. I think Sookie feels the same way.

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  1. Cari says:

    I totally agree with your synopsis of the Eric/Sookie dynamic. What Alex conveys with his eyes is just amazing…the man doesn’t even need words to communicate his character’s emotions. Eric’s dumbfounded vampire look in the 7/25 episode was just priceless. Really, I can’t think of another actor who so effectively and skillfully channels emotions through silence and body language. It’s a marvel to see!

  2. thefameflame says:

    Thanks for your thoughts Cari. I suspect everyone on Team Eric is gonna be doing an awful lot of swooning very soon. The wait will soon be over!

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