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Our favorite werewolf Alcide – aka Joe Manganiello – is featured in the latest issue of GQ and wearing (or hardly wearing) the latest fashions for a summertime jaunt to Greece, the home of the gods. How appropriate considering that Joe is built like a Greek god, a fact that the GQ fashion editors took complete advantage of, showcasing his carved, granite-like torso, abs and legs in sleek shorts, swim trunks and trendy V-neck shirts. Joe is shown exploring the Greek islands acompanied by two comely female models in an homage to the ’80s menage a trois-themed flick “Summer Lovers.” Just Google Daryl Hannah and Peter Gallagher for more info on that one… if you dare. I’m just wondering why they stopped at two girls. If Joe were really walking the streets of Greece dressed like this, he’d certainly have more than 10 women following him around. And a few men, too, I’m sure. Check out Joe and his traveling companions at the GQ site.


How did Bill become a vampire king?

June 26 – Having had her fill of both Bill and Eric last season, Sookie accepted Claudine’s invitation to the seemingly idyllic world of the fairies. She soon discovers that appearances are very deceiving, however. Fairyland has a few surprises in store for our gal Sook. She encounters some familiar faces – the bellhop at the Dallas hotel where she stayed while investigating the Brotherhood of the Sun two years ago – and her grandfather Earl, who shares her telepathic gift. The beautiful fairies feed their new recruits a glowing fruit called Lumiere which has a hypnotic – and sinister – effect once eaten.  Sook warns her Granddaddy that all is not as it appears in Fairyland and refuses to eat the Lumiere at the insistence of the fairy queen Mab. When Mab tries to force the freaky fruit down Sook’s throat Sookie blasts her with her light power, hurling Mab with such force that the fairy world’s illusion of beauty is shattered, unmasking the fairies as  ugly, impish creatures who toss exploding energy balls when they’re ticked off. A battle breaks out among warring factions of the fairies and a male fairy helps Sook and Earl escape back to Bon Temps through a portal.  Unfortunately, Earl has eaten the lumiere and immediately vaporizes upon giving Sook his watch to pass on to Jason.  Upon returning home, Sookie finds that Jason is now a cop and has sold her home to a mysterious real estate company called AIK.  Worse still, she discovers that the fifteen minutes she spent in Fairyland were actually 12 months and plenty has changed in her absence.  Sensing her presence, Bill and Eric pop up at sundown and the stirrings of their love triangle begin anew. Andy, however, isn’t too pleased to learn she’s alive after he spent time and money to search for her thinking Bill had killed her.  Bill offers the explanation that she was away on “vampire business” and Jason takes Andy away to appease the grouchy lawman who appears to be hooked on V. Jason has his own problems when the raw-meat loving werepanther kids he’s looking after in Hotshot knock him out and lock him in a big fridge.  Is he to be their next meal? Sook’s friends have been busy over the past year.Lafayetteis pressured by Jesus into joining a witches coven led by an elder Wiccan named Marnie, who spooksLafayetteby channeling the vampire from whom he harvested V before Jason and his V junkie girlfriend killed him. Cousin Tara, not totally surprisingly, ends up working out her aggressions as a cage fighter whose wrestling with her sexy female opponent extends to the bedroom. Tara ignores Lafayette’s text announcing Sookie’s return, preferring her new Sapphic bliss over the man-fueled mayhem she endured back home. Jessica and Hoyt’s domestic bliss is fraying over their difference in appetites and Jess’s lousy cooking skills with human food. When the two have a date night at Fangtasia, the flame-haired bloodsucker can’t help but be tempted by the throbbing vein of a hunky human patron who flirts with her. Pam can’t resist teasing her in the restroom and tells her not to fight her nature. At Merlotte’s Tommy has hooked up with Hoyt’s mom (eewwww!) and Sam is taking anger management therapy with a group of shifters who like to “horse around” after a good session. Arlene has given birth to a cute little boy who likes to tear the heads of Barbie dolls… lots of them. Fearing this is a sign of her baby inheriting Rene’s murderous nature, Arlene tells her kid that “Killing is wrong!”  While Sookie enlists the new lady lawyer Portia’s help in reclaiming her home, Eric and Bill mount media campaigns to undo the damage to vampire-human relations caused by King Russell Edgington’s nationally broadcast murder of a news anchor last year. The two have been plotting as well.  One of the witches participating in Marnie’s latest spell to revive her dead parrot Minerva heads out to visit Bill to report back on what she spied and she addresses Bill as “your majesty.” Bill is now a vampire king!  Perhaps an upcoming Queen Sophie Ann flashback will reveal how this surprising twist came to be.  Eric, meanwhile, has a juicy surprise of his own when he interrupts a dripping wet Sookie coming out of a bath. It seems the Viking Vamp is the mysterious buyer of Sookie’s home, which means she cannot deny him entry to the house. Baring his “erect” fangs, Eric proclaims that Sookie is now his! Is this supposed to be bad news? Hmmm.

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Will Eric take advantage of his new power over Sookie? We can only hope!

Sookie is a single gal taking charge of her life in Season Four.

Just one more day and the long, painful wait will be over for Truebies everywhere. We need a parade! LOL. HBO has done a masterful job of giving us a few morsels of what’s to come in Season Four, going to the extent of releasing the first eight minutes of the season over the Internet.  We all have seen that Sookie’s visit to Fairyland heads south pretty fast after she runs into her Granpappy. Those ethereal, pseudo-hippie faeries get pretty ugly — literally — when Sook wisely refuses to eat their glowing druglike fruit and then all Hell breaks out. This naturally brings our gal Sookie back to Bon Temps where she belongs. I suspect that it won’t be long before the faeries follow her to Earth determined to take her back and make trouble for her vampire suitors. The twisted Tinkerbells won’t be the only supernaturals making trouble for Bill, Eric and the gang, however. A coven of witches, led by character actress Fiona Shaw as Marnie, a powerful Wiccan, makes the scene and starts a war with Bon Temps’ bloodsucking residents. This storyline brings Lafayette and his boyfriend Jesus square in the middle of the action. Although the prospect of more screentime for this sexy duo is a welcome development, fans may be dismayed to see a new side to Lafayette’s sassy personality. Word has it he dives into the witch culture deeply, dragging cousin Tara into new dramas as the witches and vamps throw down. The action takes place one year after last year’s finale so our Bon Temps faves have changed.  Sookie and Bill are still apart and Eric, under a spell, has memory loss that changes his personality.  This sets the stage for Sookie to be drawn closer to him. Bill looks like a changed man in some of the preview photos I’ve seen. I suspect he and Sookie will be splitso for a while, just like in the novels.  Among the supporting players, Jason and Andy continue to provide comic relief, but Sookie’s oft-shirtless brother will be imperiled by the werepanthers in Hotshot. Jessica plays house with Hoyt and the two struggle with local bigotry against their interspecies relationship. Jessica’s primal nature provides another source of tension. She likes drinking  human blood straight from the faucet and Hoyt doesn’t like it so I smell trouble ahead for this Romeo and his carnivorous Juliet! Tommy survives the gunshot Sam took at him and will be around to cause him grief. Sam will find solace in a new romance with a sexy shapeshifter named Luna, played by Janina Gavanakar. Luna’s ex-husband will stir up trouble, however, keeping Sam’s romantic losing streak going strong. Arlene will continue to fret over her unborn child with good reason.  I suspect the timing of the witches’ arrival in Bon Temps and her pregnancy are more than a coincidence.  Devil baby, anyone?

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Jessica prefers to feed old-school style.
Bill seems destined to be this year’s angry vampire.
Sam’s latest fling is a shifter named Luna who comes with heavy baggage.

Word has it that Season 4 of True Blood, set to premiere June 26 (yay!), will explore Sookie’s new life as a fairy in more detail. If fairies are the trendy new supernaturals in Bon Temps then it stands to reason that they deserve their own ale available at Merlotte’s, don’t you think?  We all know how delicious fairy blood is to sexy vampires and I say we fangbangers should get a sip, too.  Well, the True Blood Wiki has launched a fun contest for a pretend poster for “True Blood Fairy Blood” and they’re offering a cool True Blood Prize Pack for the premiere. 

Five lucky winners will each score a True Blood Prize Pack, including:

One Tru Blood drink set (4 bottles of Tru Blood, 4 Tru Blood pint glasses)
One complete True Blood DVD set (Seasons 1-3)
One True Blood comic book set (Issues 1-6)
One True Blood Bon Temps Football T-shirt
A printed version of the poster featuring your winning tag line All you have to do to enter the giveaway is register on True Blood Wiki and leave a comment on the giveaway page with a tagline for their True Blood Fairy Blood Poster!  The contest ends June 20 so snap to it and please let me know if you win and you heard about it from Biting Remarks. We Truebies need to stick together! 🙂

To enter:


Hello to my fellow Truebies! This is my first post in a while since True Blood has been on hiatus and I’m really excited to be back! HBO’s PR machine is in full swing and our Bon Temps faves are making very welcome appearances in the mainstream media to whip us into a frenzy as we approach the June 26 season four premiere. I’m sure you’ve all seen our dear Eric, Alex Skarsgard, on the cover of GQ’s summer issue. If you haven’t, do yourself a favor and click on this link to GQ’s interview  and SIZZLING photo shoot with him now! We all know Alexander should have been Thor. He was born to play him for goodness sake! Nothing against Chris Hemsworth who’s a big hunk of blonde burnin’ love, but Alex as Eric IS Thor. Then the producers add insult to injury by casting Alex’s dad, Stellan, in the movie. WTF ????!!!!  OK, that was my mini-rant for the day. LOL. The good news is that Alexander is featured in a dreamy shot in the British movie magazine Total Film and he has plenty of bigscreen projects coming up. He’s starring alongside Kate Bosworth and X-Men’s James Marsden in a remake of a controversial ’70s flick “Straw Dogs” (see scenes from the film at Total Film’s site). He’s also in a big-budget flick called “Battleship” and one called “Melancholia” (sounds kind of arthouse-y to me). So the producers of “Thor” can stick it. Our Alex is gettin’ plenty of gigs and is destined to be a big star on the big screen. Let’s just hope he doesn’t quit his True Blood job anytime soon!