True Blood Season Four Finale: Which villain will return to Bon Temps?

Posted: September 8, 2011 in True-Blood
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Will King Russell return to terrorize Bon Temps?

There’s just a little over a week left until the fourth season finale of True Blood and the Web is buzzing with speculation about the identity of two returning characters, which, according to Alan Ball in the current issue of TV Guide, include a beloved character and a despised one. Tommy is arguably a bit of both depending on whom you talk to, but it’s too soon for Sam’s brother to make a miraculous return from the dead. The list of possible sympathetic characters who might turn up in Bon Temps include Sookie’s grandma, Tara’s ex-boyfriend Eggs and my personal favorite, Eric’s maker Godric. What I’m more interested in, however, is which villain is slated to pop up to terrorize Sookie & Co. in season five. The list of possible suspects is endless but my top picks are: Lorena, Bill’s obsessed maker, Russell Edgington, the vampire king of Missisippi whom Eric and Bill buried in cement, and that maniacal maenad from season two, Maryann. Sizing up each villain’s probabilty of returning, I’d look at how the True Blood writers would explain their sudden reappearance. In the cases of Lorena and Maryann, I would think that Marnie, being a necromancer, possesses the ability to reanimate the ashes of one of those lethal ladies. Marnie, who’s hellbent on revenge in the after life, would love to leave the residents of Bon Temps a nasty parting gift. Maryann, being a twisted version of Mother Earth, is a better candidate for this theory. Then again, she’s been gone for over two years so those maenad ashes would be pretty hard to find much less revive. Lorena, on the other hand, got her black heart staked last year so perhaps resurrecting her is an easier feat to pull off. Russell, of course, was last seen vowing to return for revenge on Eric and Bill. The smart money is on King Edgington being the returning baddie. But does that make him too obvious a choice? This is True Blood after all. Tune in September 11 to find out — and don’t miss my recap following the show!

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Is Maryann returning to get her claws into Sam again?

Will Sookie have to deal with Lorena again?


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