True Blood September 11 Season Finale Recap: Will Tara die from Debbie’s gun shot?

Posted: September 12, 2011 in True-Blood

Marnie exacted a terrible revenge on Jesus and Lafayette.

September 11 – Halloween descended on Bon Temps, marking the reappearances of several faces from the past and the departures of a few current ones. Marnie, who has taken possession of Lafayette’s body, prepares for the Wiccan festival of Samhain, during which the line between the living and the dead becomes blurred and, for tonight, the body count will be mighty high. When Jesus wakes up and apologizes to “Lafayette” for getting him involved in witchcraft he learns that breakfast is served with a side order of revenge. Kissing his boyfriend goodbye as he prepares to leave for work, Jesus realizes Marnie has invaded Lafayette, but she traps him by driving a fork through his hand into the breakfast table. She then ties him up and forces him to transfer to her all his dark magic, killing him with a knife after she has absorbed the voodoo demon that dwells within him. (Body count: one). At Sookie’s house, Sook is unnerved by a vision of her grandma’s murdered body. She shares with Tara how lost she feels without her grandmother and the two muse about how she would advise them to stay out of trouble. This, alas, is not in the cards for the girls today. Sam is joined at Tommy’s grave by a grieving Mrs. Fortenberry, who asks him to call her mom now that they don’t have any family left. Maxine spoke too soon, however, because Sam’s gal Luna and her daughter Emma take her place by Sam’s side after she leaves. When Sam returns to Merlotte’s, he gives Sookie her job back and a pair of bunny ears to wear alongside fellow waitress Arlene, who makes a cute zombie couple with Terry. A handsome marine friend of Terry’s shows up at Merlotte’s to reminisce. He looks harmless enough, which can’t be good. While throwing out garbage later on, Arlene is spooked by the ghost of Rene, who tells his cher that the ghosts of Terry’s past will bring her trouble. Sook is startled by Holly decked out like a fairy and smoking some pot, or “Mother Nature’s Valium,” as she puts it. Tara, having discovered Jesus’ dead body at Lafayette’s house, tells Sookie and Holly that Marnie has returned and is in possession of Lafayette. The three dash to warn Bill and Eric, whom Marnie has already captured and chained up in silver for a burning at the local cemetery. When Tara, Sookie and Holly arrive, Marnie launches into one of her long-winded rants about how vampires victimized witches for centuries. Eric and Bill egg her on to distract her while Holly encircles them in a protection spell and Sook blasts Marnie, who turns mega-demonic in her rage, her tongue flicking like a hungry serpent. Holly joins hands with Sookie and Tara to conjure the spirits of the dead buried around them. Among the conjured souls is Sookie’s grandma Adele, who reaches into Lafayette and yanks Marnie out. Antonia appears and blows out the fires burning Eric and Bill. She convinces Marnie that death is preferable to life and that vengeance against vampires is pointless since they are already damned to live forever. 

Has Sookie lost her best friend forever?

In the aftermath of the final confrontation with Marnie, Pam is mourning the loss of her maker Eric to Sookie and her “precious, fairy vagina.” Her blood-stained tears prove premature, however, when Sookie, who feeds Eric and Bill her blood simultaneously to heel them from their burns, chooses not to be with either of them. She forgives Bill for lying to her when they first met and pledges her love for him. Likewise, she admits to Eric she fell for him long before he became the gentle Emo Viking who annoyed a good portion of Truebies all season long.  It’s the best for all of them, she promises before breaking down in tears. Does Alcide have a chance with Sookie after all? The hunky werewolf made his bid for the fairy’s heart at Merlotte’s, telling her he had made a final split with Debbie. For now, Alcide has to deal with the discovery that Russell Edgington’s cement prison, now a parking lot, was excavated and all that’s left at the scene are Russell’s empty silver shackles! Also in for a scary discovery is Jason, who gets punched out by Hoyt after telling him he did the deed with Jessica. Jess shows up at Jason’s house dressed in a provocative Red Riding Hood cape. After a steamy round of sex, they agree to remain friends with benefits for the time being. When a hungry Jess leaves to feed on a stranger, Jason answers a knock on his door and opens it to reveal Reverend Steve Newlin of the Fellowship of the Sun. It turns out that Rev. Newlin has been vampirized. Is he in cahoots with Russell? In another Bon Temps cliffhanger, Sam says goodnight to Luna only to be confronted by a snarling werewolf out to avenge the death of Marcus Bozeman. Nan Flanagan storms Bill’s home with a platoon of troopers. Enraged that she’s been “retired like a fat first wife” from the AVL by the Vampire Authority, Nan tries to recruit Bill and Eric into a mutiny against the Authority. She makes the lethal mistake of telling them she knows that Sookie is a fairy to get leverage against them and Eric decapitates her goon squad while Bill stakes her into a gooey pile of blood and guts. (Body Count: two). Violence visits Sookie’s home yet again when a vengeful Debbie shows up with a shotgun meant for Sook.  Tara pushes her friend out of the way, taking Deb’s bullet instead. Sookie wrestles the gun from Deb and shoots the she-wolf dead. (Body Count: three). Cradling Tara’s body, Sookie cries out for help. Is the Bon Temps body count up to four? Tune in next summer!  The Biting Remarks blog is taking a break until then. If you’re a Vampire Diaries fan, please follow my episode previews and recaps starting September 15 at

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  1. Nicole says:

    Tara’s dead. The whole back of her head was blown off. Died instantly:/

  2. thefameflame says:

    😦 … I’m really holding out for a miracle. Lafayette will be lost next season without Tara. Such a cruel twist, although I noticed the writers seemed to be shrinking her role this year. I wasn’t aware if Rutina wanted out of the show.

  3. Bob says:

    Tara is the worst character in the show. She ruined every episode. Killing her is the best thing that has happened on True Blood!

  4. Brooke Barton says:

    I LOVED Tara… Honestly, I think Bill and Eric will feel Sookie’s fear and come in and make Tara into a Vampire next season OR she will be a Ghost since Lafayette seems to be headed that way next season. I doubt very much that they will write her out of the show!

    • thefameflame says:

      Tara a vampire? Now THAT’s a fun possibility with an ironic twist. A friend of mine agrees that she may be rescued by Bill or Eric, making her indebted to vampires. Let’s keep fingers crossed. I just love when Tara says “Sookie, what the F*CK is wrong with you?!!!!”

  5. Jenna says:

    Well, in the books Eric came to Sookie’s aid when she killed super werewolf bitch so maybe they will resurrect her. Though, her brains did go flying and she needs to be alive to be turned. Who knows!

    • thefameflame says:

      Thanks, Jenna. You may be on to something. We know that Alan Ball deviates from the book series a lot, but some folks have mentioned that they suspect Eric or Bill will arrive in time to save Tara by either feeding her vamp blood or turning her altogether. Now wouldn’t that be a hoot for Tara! There’s a spoiler floating out in cyberspace that makes me wonder whether I should have asked “In what form will Tara return?” Stay tuned!

  6. Val says:

    I hope Tara’s dead I hate that girl. I don’t think she is though her contract was renewed for season 5. Of course Lafayette might be able to talk to her through his mediumness

    • thefameflame says:

      Thanks for your input, Val. I heard she’s coming back, too, so I’m guessing she may be a “spirited” spirit or Eric will arrive in time to give her his blood and make her be indebted to him (which she will hate, I’m sure). Summer can’t come fast enough.

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