True Blood June 24 Recap: Will Pam rescue Tara a second time?

Posted: June 25, 2012 in True-Blood, True-Blood-Blog, True-Blood-Fan-Blog, TV

Pam is annoyed by the responsibilites of vampire motherhood.

June 24 – Tara is still on the lam as Lafayette and Sookie try to lure her back home. Tara comes upon a young woman trying to fix a flat tire and pounces on her but stops herself from feeding. As famished as she is, she is still disgusted by what she’s been turned into and cannot bring herself to feed on humans. She shows up at Merlotte’s and binges on True Blood as Sam agrees to keep her hidden in the freezer. Sookie shows up at Fangtasia to enlist Pam’s help in finding Tara but Pam is still waiting on Sookie to deliver on her promise to get Eric back in town. The ladies get into a brief catfight with Pam hurling Sook across the club and the fiery faerie retailiating with a powerful light blast that sends Pam reeling, tool.  When Sook reports for work at Merlotte’s the next day, Sam tries to shield his thoughts from her telepathy but his mind reveals that Tara’s in the freezer — and he’ll never stop thinking about Sookie’s breasts. The Vampire Authority continues its mind games with Bill and Eric as Roman sends his lover, the seductress Salome, to work her wiles on both men to determine whether they’re trustworthy. She assures Roman they’re up to the task of bringing Russell in. The question is whether Salome enjoys the naked interrogation sessions too much. As a precaution, Bill and Eric are outfitted with sexy harnesses with built-in stakes over their hearts that can be activated to end them in a flash should they veer off their mission. The harnesses of death are operated remotely by smartphone app, of course. Roman also gives Steve Newlin Nan Flanagan’s old job, intimidating Steve to ensure he is up for the task of making peace with the human vampire haters. Steve shudders in delight as the powerful Roman grabs his face with his manly hands to make his point. His new job comes with perks!

Will Salome’s attraction to Bill and Eric be her undoing?

Jason has a chance meeting in the supermarket with a former teacher who taught him the ways of the flesh and is moved to revisit their scandalous past with a naked romp on her living room floor. Jason is classy, as always! A mortified Jason realizes that he’s been filling the empty hole in his emotional life by filling the holes of every woman who crosses his path! Jessica, meanwhile, has a close encounter of her own at a dress shop when she’s trying on clothes and gets a whiff of the delicious blood of a young man who arrives to pick up clothes for numerous women. When the guy makes a panicked dash after Jess salivates over his irresistible scent, it’s obvious he must be a male faerie. Jess tracks him down to a field but can’t get him to reveal himself. Later, she drops in on Jason for some sexual healing in her aroused state, but realizes that the studly Stackhouse needs a friend more than a roll in the hay after all. At nightfall, Alcide drops by Merlotte’s to let Sookie know that Debbie’s parents are looking for her. Sook has already been questioned by Andy and is starting to crack under the pressure. When Lafayette tries to feed Tara, the enraged baby vamp gets violent and reveals her new identity to the entire Merlotte’s gang — including Alcide — just to spite Sookie. Arlene can’t believe Lafayette would help turn his own flesh and blood into a vampire. When Lafayette sasses her back his brujo demon — inherited from Jesus — takes over for a split second before he composes himself. After Tara speeds off, Sookie confesses to Alcide that she killed Debbie. Alcide is more devastated by the fact that Sookie lied to him. Will he turn her in? Pam continues to reminisce about the time in 1905 when Eric made her. We learn that Eric first met Bill and his maker Lorena in one of the bedrooms of Pam’s whorehouse where they drained prostitutes. Eric tosses them out and makes them pay restitution to Pam for killing off her working girls. After Pam repays Eric in bed she begs him to make her so she can avoid the bleak life of old, diseased whores. When he refuses, explaining the responsibility a maker has to his progeny, she slashes her wrists, forcing him to save her by giving her the gift of eternal life as a bloodsucker of the night. Not much different from running a whorehouse if you ask me. Reminded of the sacred bond between of every vampire and her maker, will Pam come to Tara’s rescue a second time when she senses that the suicidal baby vamp has tossed herself into a tanning bed?

  1. I am enjoying this season. I’m an openly gay man myself and I always since season 2 had a crush on the Reverend Steve Nowland ..and after watching ep 1 when Steve came out of the closet I was in heaven this season. I LOVE Steve N!! And now a new twist it appears Hoyt may also be gay. Appears he showed up in a gay-gothic outfit and had bit marks on his neck I think he is giving his blood to vampires both male and females in exchange for sex. Im so happy thus far in the season We have a bi sexual Tara and Pam, Lafayette- the reverend and possible Hoyt are all openly gay “and hot’ men.
    I’m wondering in Bill and Eric may also turn gay.. Remember in Season 3, with the very hot sex scene with Eric and Russels lover? Just before he killed him? Eric did say he is bi.
    Anyway love this show!

    • TVteaser says:

      Wow. it would be interesting if Hoyt becomes bisexual this year. True Blood is certainly free and open about sexual expression so I would not be surprised. I agree that Steven is more fun as an openly Gay Vampire American.

      • Yes I love the new Steve Nowland this season…he was rather annoying in season 3. I did though suspect him of being gay in Season 3, and him coming out in the open is just a great twist, and rather comical. Yeah i think Hoyt may be gay-bi “I think he is for sure bi because his gothic stunt’

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