July 1 True Blood Recap: Sookie and Alcide Finally Get it On!

Posted: July 1, 2012 in True-Blood, True-Blood-Blog, True-Blood-Fan-Blog, TV

Pam taught Tara all about the dangers of getting too much sun.

July 1 – Pam shows up at the tanning salon in the nick of time to save Tara from the tanning bed’s lethal UV rays and commands her “child” to never try to killer herself again. Tara is stuck now that her maker has forced her to live as a vampire. Pam is relieved to find that Eric has returned to Fangtasia and introduces him to his grandchild. She sees that he has company, Bill, and is hurt when Eric accuses her of digging up Russell Edgington. She would never betray their trust and if he could think her capable of betraying him maybe he should release his hold on her. Maybe he will.  Pam may be in the clear, but Bill and Eric know that the person who led Russ’s liberators to his cement prison has to be in their inner circle so they search close to home. Bill and Jessica search their home for listening devices and Bill finds pot. Jess promises no humans have been injured or drained in her pursuit of fun. Bill’s just disappointed that she couldn’t score better weed. When Jess urges him to see Sookie, he realizes he’s done a fine job raising a baby vamp who has a good heart, like his. Saying that Sookie is having a bad day would be the understatement of the year. Lafayette reads her the riot act over the Tara mess and even calls her the angel of death! The combined guilt of having Tara turned and killing Debbie is driving Sook to the edge. She confesses to Jason, who won’t turn her into to Andy. Just as a bitter Tara says, everyone around Sook goes out of their way to protect her for better or worse. Picking up everybody’s judgmental thoughts at Merlotte’s doesn’t help matters. Lafayette’s brujo demon continues to show its ugly face when Lafayette gets mad and casts a spell on Sookie’s car that makes its brakes fail and almost kills her until she dives out before it crashes into a tree. A repentant Lafayette calls Sook after finding her car wreck and is relieved to learn that she’s safe, albeit drunk out of her mind. Thinks start to look up when Alcide, who told Debbie’s parents that Marcus Bozeman killed their daughter, drops by and accepts her grateful offer of a drink or two to end their bad day on a good, inebriated note. The two hit the sauce pretty hard and their playful banter leads to a passionate clinch that Bill and Eric arrive just in time to witness. Eric, who has released Pam from their bond to keep her safe should something happen to him, is free of commitments. I wonder how things will shake out between him, Bill and Sookie now that she’s cozied up to the cuddly werewolf. Will she regret it in the morning? Free of her progeny bond to Eric, Pam is tending to her new maternal duties with Tara and brings her a young woman to feed on. Tara continues to refuse to feed on humans but Pam won’t have her developing an eating disorder and commands her to feed. Tara discovers that she can’t get enough!

Roman showed The Authority’s youngest chancellor a permanent lesson in tough love.

At the Authority’s headquarters, a “pec-tacular” Roman, who’s clearly been keeping up with his workouts, continues to torture Norah, but she won’t divulge the name of her accomplice within the Authority’s inner circle. He and Salome team up, playing good-cop/bad-cop to get Norah to fess up. Roman threatens to end Eric with his automatic stake app while Salome plays on their long friendship, gently offering her word that Bill and Eric won’t be hurt if she divulges who else among the chancellors has betrayed the Authority’s efforts to mainstream vampires into society. Later, a tense meeting of the chancellors ends with Roman staking the Authority’s surprisingly brutal little-boy chancellor as he tries to explain away video evidence of his bad behavior. By the way, Apple must have paid huge bucks for their product placement deal with the True Blood producers because it seems every good vampire has one handy. In other Bon Temps news, Terry’s boring new storyline with Patrick takes them to South Dakota, where Terry’s dream reveals that his unit killed a bunch of civilians after a drunken confrontation between an innocent bystander and their buddy Eller spun way out of control. The two arrive at Eller’s place and discover a basement with weird paintings that may incriminate him in the fire attacks on their buddies. They also have an unexpected reunion with their former comrade, who’s aiming a shotgun at them! Sam’s shifter friends from last season drop by Merlotte’s to lure him into another naked horse run, which is their equivalent of swinging, I guess. When Sam shows up at their place for dinner he finds them dead. Can he never stay out of trouble?!  Jess helps Jason put an end to Andy’s investigation into Deb’s death by glamouring him. Later, Andy, Jason and Andy’s new judge friend go on a triple date with some hot chicks who turn out to be fairies. Their limo ride ends in the enchanted field that is the portal to fairyland and the gang ends up in a wild scene straight out of “Moulin Rouge” full of gorgeous male and female fairy dancers. Andy runs into Morella, the dark-haired fairy he made out with last season and Jason’s hookup with one of the girls is interrupted by his cousin Hadley, who lets it slip that his parents were actually killed by vampires. When Jason and Andy demand more answers, two male fairies get rough and toss them back through the portal back to Bon Temps. They light blast them for good measure, too!

  1. This show is getting confusing with all the stuff going on, Iraq war, faries, Authority, release of Russel, Sookies love life, Pam and Tara..hard to keep tract too many stories at once.
    I am wondering who the ‘person was’ who Norah knows about..I’m guessing it is Lilith…She is to arrive this season.. Lilith is the 1st Vampire..Adams 1st wife..I cant wait till she appears.
    Looks like this season Sookie is in love with the Wearwolf..Each season she has a new lover..was Bill, then Eric, now Accead.
    I like the Pam Eric deal. You can see he loves and cares for her, and she him. Also note on who may have leaked the info on where Russel was..Remember when they buried Russel..well that dumb blond waitress was in Fangtasa at the time.. I am guessing she leaked the info and she will be hunted down when they find out. Or Sookie, She also was at Fangtasa then. They overlooked her.

    • TVteaser says:

      I forgot about the blonde waitress! Good catch! I agree there’s too much going on. Maybe they’re desperate to hold our interest. Terry’s war buddy story is boring to me. Thanks for your input.

  2. I’m glad the Authority gave that annoying boy the true death..He was the worse actor and just annoying as heck.
    I been reading also spoilers and some do indeed indicate that Hoyt is a bi sexual. He may have turned into a prostitute who gives his blood in exchange for sex both male and female. Also indeed the All American Revered Steve Nowland has come out of the closet both as a Vampire and an openly gay pastor. Wow what a nice turn to see..not only are the fanatic Christians going to be in shock that he is a Vamp, but also as a Gay Vamp. I think this is very good, and has a underling plot that says..even pastor can be gay or hide something. As an openly gay man myself I know many pastors who are gay, but stay in the closet..i find that rather disgusting. My hat is off to Steve Nowland at least he isnt hiding anything.
    Sergey I also am thinking the person Norah isnt telling about may be Lilith. And bot once the “Authority” find out they not only have Russel to deal with but now the mother of all Vampires, well their world is about to be rocked. I hope they bring down the Authority this season. I just hope Steve Nowland gets out in time, I dont want to see him killed off. Steve Nowland is my favorite character now “was Lafayette” . I also hope we see more of Steve and Hoyt. I was upset this episode we seen no Hoyt..I’m dieing to see what direction he goes.
    Good blog enjoyed the read! Cheers!

    • TVteaser says:

      Thanks for your input, Calvin. Hmmm, Looks like Lilith may be on her way to Bon Temps. She is probably very beautiful. I wonder who will play her? I like your comments about Hoyt’s upcoming sexual experimentation. That makeup definitely gives things away. LOL. I think Steve is hysterical as the “new Nan Flanagan.” The baby vamp was disliked by many from what I’ve seen on the Internet. I think people cheered. LOL.

  3. I agree the war story is very boring and so off plot. That stuff has no business being on a Southern Vampire show..who cares about Iraq and stuff..leave that stuff to some war show. it is absolutely meaningless. Also the Sam stuff they can leave out..I hated his stupid welfare trailer park stuff from the past seasons. Sam and Terry they could leave out completely and focus more on Eric-Bill-Pam-Fairies etc..
    TVTeaser- Yeah I read some spoilers, they says Lilith will arrive this season, that came from the actresses who played Norah. And Yes I think for SURE Hoyt has lost it. His make up and sexuality totally point that he is a male hooker, I think it aint his first time at Fangtasa…when he came into the bar..Pam looked at him as if in a pitiful way..not as if it was his 1st time there doing this..Thus I think he is bi sexual and selling himself..ie sex for blood- both male-female. Hoyt is an interesting character also..he has a gossip-church going mom..and he has been in rebellion with her since day 1. Jessica dumped him cause he is too much a teddy bear. And now since he had sex..he went extreme and is opening up to all ideas. No doubt he is going to Fangtasa only for the sexual aspect of it..very obvious. I wish theyd show more Hoyt and the Revered Steve Nowland instead of stupid crap like Terrys Iraq war and boring Sam the shifter.

  4. Also I want to ask your opinion. When the Reverend Steve Nowland showed up to Jasons home 2 episodes ago..Jason rejected his sexual advance. Can Steve Nowland glaze him into making love with him? Jason is a womenizer, and said he is strait and dont do the gay way..But I wonder if they (Vamps) glaze if they can make them do things like have gay love or sort of hypnotize them? It would be so cool if Jason and the Reverend hook up. And Steve loves Jason. I seen in season 3 that Steve was into Jason and I suspected then the Reverend was a bi sexual “now he is openly gay”. I really wish they would show Steve and Hoyt more instead of that stupid terry and Sam crap!

    • TVteaser says:

      I think that Steve definitely has the power to glamour Jason into having sex with him but not to make him gay. The question is whether True Blood producers will go that far with Steve’s story. Time will tell.

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