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I don’t remember when I’ve hated a TV character as much as I do Bill’s meddling maker Lorena. All she has to do is show up in a scene and my back gets knotted up and my skin crawls. It’s a great testament to the acting skills of her portrayer Mariana Klaveno. This up-and-coming actress has made Lorena into one of TV’s all-time classic villainesses, right up there with Joan Collins’ Alexis on Dynasty and Marcia Cross’ psycho Kimberly on Melrose Place. Of course, being a vampire gives Lorena license to be viler than most TV characters. Fans of True Blood have to suspend belief and view the narrative through the filter of Alan Ball’s interpretation of Charlaine Harris’ book series, which takes place in a world where vampires are out and proud and have reached a tenuous detente with humans. The world of True Blood is hardly black and white. There are lots of gray areas. The “good” vampires exist on Tru Blood while the “bad” ones can’t resist the lure of drinking good-old-fashioned human blood straight from the “faucet.” Lorena clearly belongs to the latter group, but does this mean she deserves to be raped? Did Bill (Stephen Moyer), who’s ostensibly a good vampire, go too far in last week’s head-twisting sex scene? I ask this after reading an article in this week’s TV Guide that names Klaveno a scene stealer. I agree that she’s a standout, but I’m not sure I would classify what took place between Bill and Lorena in that shocking scene as his cheating on Sookie as the article states. True, they were having sex, but I interpreted the scene as a violent lashing out by Bill against Lorena for her incessant interference in his life. He was literally trying to screw her into nonexistence. I didn’t see it as the release of pent-up passion although Lorena certainly seemed to be enjoying it. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but the scene disturbed me with its unspoken message that a woman can enjoy sex that is forced upon her. The message was that Lorena is so evil that she deserved what she got. She was asking for it. Perhaps the head-twisting bit was a metaphor for their sick relationship, and vampire sex isn’t typically rose petals and chocolates, but I still found the encounter startling in its subtext. True Blood is certainly a show unafraid to push buttons. I just wonder how Sookie (Anna Paquin) will react when she finds out about this new “twist.”

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