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True Blood minisodes can be seen at the HBO website.

Greetings to my fellow True Blood fans. I am picking up the Biting Remarks blog where I left off last September in anticipation of the season premiere of True Blood on June 13. It’s good to be back. I’m seeing a lot of “blog-worthy” material now that the countdown to fresh episodes has begun. HBO’s PR campaign is hitting its stride with magazine features on our favorite True Blood stars (more on that in future posts) and YouTube is chock-full of teasers. HBO has produced some fun mini-episodes that are posted to the official website and on YouTube. The one I just saw shows Eric and his hysterical sidekick Pam auditioning potential strippers for Fangtasia and it’s a sidesplitter. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet. Also make sure to check back regularly for fresh episode recaps, analysis and all sorts of True Blood-related material that I find online. I’ve given the blog a new look and added my Facebook and Twitter links. I hope you’ll touch base frequently and give me your feedback. Let’s celebrate the return of our Bon Temps pals together!

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