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Will King Russell return to terrorize Bon Temps?

There’s just a little over a week left until the fourth season finale of True Blood and the Web is buzzing with speculation about the identity of two returning characters, which, according to Alan Ball in the current issue of TV Guide, include a beloved character and a despised one. Tommy is arguably a bit of both depending on whom you talk to, but it’s too soon for Sam’s brother to make a miraculous return from the dead. The list of possible sympathetic characters who might turn up in Bon Temps include Sookie’s grandma, Tara’s ex-boyfriend Eggs and my personal favorite, Eric’s maker Godric. What I’m more interested in, however, is which villain is slated to pop up to terrorize Sookie & Co. in season five. The list of possible suspects is endless but my top picks are: Lorena, Bill’s obsessed maker, Russell Edgington, the vampire king of Missisippi whom Eric and Bill buried in cement, and that maniacal maenad from season two, Maryann. Sizing up each villain’s probabilty of returning, I’d look at how the True Blood writers would explain their sudden reappearance. In the cases of Lorena and Maryann, I would think that Marnie, being a necromancer, possesses the ability to reanimate the ashes of one of those lethal ladies. Marnie, who’s hellbent on revenge in the after life, would love to leave the residents of Bon Temps a nasty parting gift. Maryann, being a twisted version of Mother Earth, is a better candidate for this theory. Then again, she’s been gone for over two years so those maenad ashes would be pretty hard to find much less revive. Lorena, on the other hand, got her black heart staked last year so perhaps resurrecting her is an easier feat to pull off. Russell, of course, was last seen vowing to return for revenge on Eric and Bill. The smart money is on King Edgington being the returning baddie. But does that make him too obvious a choice? This is True Blood after all. Tune in September 11 to find out — and don’t miss my recap following the show!

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Is Maryann returning to get her claws into Sam again?

Will Sookie have to deal with Lorena again?


Can Sookie forgive Bill for nearly killing her?

Bye Bye, Bad Guys

August 1: This episode is clearly a game changer for True Blood as a number of villainous characters meet abrupt ends and we delve deeper into the mystery of what Sookie truly is. Although it looked like Lorena’s attack on Sook was what sends her to the hospital in grave condition in last week’s episode previews, we quickly learn that Sookie actually turns the tables on the tiresome cow with Bill’s help, staking her into a pool of blood after Lorena is momentarily distracted by the delicious taste of Sookie’s blood. Tara and Alcide, who unfortunately found some clothes to put on, arrive as Sookie tends to her nearly dead man (or is that nearly un-undead?). Their escape is interrupted by a gun-toting, V-crazed Debbie, who has no intention of letting them take Bill – and his blood — anywhere. Alcide tries to reason with her and Tara jumps her, taking away her gun. When Coot arrives, Alcide shoots him dead, leaving a vengeful Debbie locked with her dead lover’s body. At least she has Lorena’s blood to keep her from going hungry. Making their escape in Alcide’s truck, Tara and Alcide let Sookie stay in the back with a dying Bill. To keep Bill alive, Sook gives him some of her blood, but his natural instincts kick in and, starved for blood, he grabs her and begins to drain her. When Tara discovers that a revived Bill’s left Sookie near dead, she literally kicks him out of the truck into the sunlight, but he doesn’t fry as she had hoped. At a hospital, the doctor tells Tara Sookie’s prospects are not good and that she has no blood type. Jason tries to find out more information about Crystal from her cousin in jail, but the slime won’t share any details until Jason can score him some meth.

Fairy Tale

Naturally, Jason turns to Lafayette, who is insulted by the prospect of being considered a meth dealer. The two join Tara and Alcide at Sook’s bedside while an unconscious Sookie makes an out-of-body visit to a gardenlike world inhabited by beautiful dancing people who drink glowing water coming from what seems to be a mystical pond serving as a portal to another universe. When Bill arrives at the hospital, the fantasy world goes dark and Sookie’s new friend warns her not to let the “dark one” take her light. Could the online rumors I’ve seen be true? Is Sookie some sort of fairy? Eric knows the answer to that question now that he drained the secret out of Sook’s cousin Hadley at Queen Sophie-Anne’s home. Later at Fangtasia, he arrives just in time to stop the Magister from further torturing Pam with a new set of silver earrings he picked up at Tiffany’s. King Russell, unintimidated by the Magister’s threats of reprisal from The Vampire Authority, forces him to perform the marriage of His Royal Toupee to Queenie and then beheads him. In the world of shifters, Sam infiltrates the dogfighting ring in the form of a pitbull and sets the captive pooches free to interrupt Tommy’s latest fight. Disgusted by the Mickens’ abuse of the boy, Sam convinces his baby brother to leave them, but Daddy Mickens ain’t so sure Tommy’s fighting days are over just yet. Back at the hospital, Tara and Jason grudgingly allow Bill to save Sook’s life by giving her his blood. When he lovingly greets her after she regains consciousness, Sookie screams her head off. She does that a lot, doesn’t she?

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Will Talbot be able to clean up the bloodstains on the carpet of his royal mansion?

The Big Gusher

July 25: Is it my imagination or was this the bloodiest episode of True Blood yet? No matter where you looked there seemed to be overflowing blood. There was action aplenty, too. Bill springs into action at King Russell’s mansion, staking the vampire bodyguard and trying to get the jump on Russ. Unfortunately, Sookie’s man is no physical match for the 3,000-year-old vampire monarch, who swats him away like a fly. Talbot gets majorly bitchy about how the fighting is making a royal mess of his beautiful home. His Royal Toupee orders Lorena to kill Bill and tends to his consort’s ruffled feathers. Later, he questions Sookie about her unique abilities. On the way to Louisiana to visit Queen Sophie-Ann, Russell confides in Eric his desire to unite all the supernatural beings in a war against humans. Eric humors the King, biding his time until the opportunity to strike presents itself. Queenie is understandably miffed when Russ and Eric show up and inform her that her guards are dead and that her human companion – Sookie’s cousin — is held captive. Her skin crawls at the mere thought of marrying His Royal Toupee, regardless of how much debt she’s in, but an angry Eric, no longer respectful of her upon learning she set him up about the V dealing, overpowers her and forces her to reconsider. Will the blushing bride wear black to the ceremony? 

Tara Fights Back

In Bon Temps, Jason and Crystal are making out by the lake when she smells something (or someone) in the air and bids a hasty retreat. When he tracks her down to a shabby house, he’s greeted by a grimy, shirtless hunk whom she claims is her fiancée. Crystal denies ever meeting Jason, who is clueless, as usual. Lafayette has similar luck with Jesus, when, after some sexy double entendres over pool and kissing in his car, they go back to his house. Their romantic clinch is suddenly interrupted by the racist V junkies who keep stalking him. The bat-wielding hicks bash his new car but, with Jesus’ help, Lafayette chases them off. Learning that Lafayette deals V is a deal breaker for Jesus, however. Sam figures out that the Mickens are forcing Tommy to compete in illegal dogfights in his pit-bull form and races to stop them. Jessica, meanwhile, shows that she’s learning to feed on humans without killing them by taking a bite out of an annoying woman who mistreats Arlene at Merlotte’s.  Back in Jackson, Lorena and Bill are bound together in a sadistic scene of mind games as she carries out King Russell’s orders by slowly bleeding him out with surgical knives. She can’t resist the chance to mix her blood with his even though he berates her for her psychotic ways and begs her to kill him quickly. Lorena instead lets V-starved Coot and Debbie gorge on Bill’s blood. Also getting a taste of vamp blood is Tara, who seduces Franklin into untying her and letting her bite him without the benefit of vampire fangs. It is not a pretty sight. The next morning, Tara bashes his head in and helps Sookie escape. Sprinting out into the mansion’s beautiful grounds like an Olympian, Tara runs into a majestic white wolf, who luckily is a majestically naked Alcide coming to the rescue. Sookie gets a less hospitable greeting when she tries to free Bill from his blood-soaked shackles. “This is all your fault,” spits a livid Lorena as she sinks her fangs into her rival’s pretty neck.

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Is Bill really turning to the dark side or is he faking it?

Bill’s Dark Journey

July 11: After the fight at the wolves’ lair, Sookie (Anna Paquin) tends to the wounds on Alcide’s chiseled body when she gets a call from Bill (Stephen Moyer), who breaks up with her, robotically telling her about his sex session with Lorena (Mariana Klaveno), who relishes pouring salt into Sookie’s wound. Lorena shouldn’t celebrate so soon since Bill tells her he only “screwed” her in order to help kill his love for Sookie and that the romp meant nothing more to him. He even punches her out of his bedroom for good measure. She, of course, enjoys the continued abuse from her prodigal offspring-lover. Alcide (Joe Manganiello) gives Sookie a well-muscled shoulder to lean on but when the devastated telepathic waitress hints at some horizontal rebound action, he sadly puts a shirt on and stays with her through the night. Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), meanwhile, has a “night dream” about consummating his desire for a lingerie-clad Sookie at Fangtasia as if he senses the rift between Sook and her undead lover. (Is that the sound of millions of Team Eric fans swooning in the background?). The next morning, Sook gets a call from Tara (Rutina Wesley), who’s been tied up, bitten and glamoured by the psychotic Franklin (James Frain) into finding out where she and Bill are. Franklin then takes Tara to The King’s mansion in Jackson where Theo deems her too thin to be a present. The question is whether Tara will end up being Franklin’s mate or his meal. Bill puts his plan into motion and gives The King (Denis O’hare) the scoop on how Eric is dealing V for Queen Sophie-Ann in Louisiana. The information gives His Royal Toupee serious leverage against Queenie and Bill asks that his Highness eliminate Lorena in return. Time to celebrate, proclaims the King. 

Will Sam's little brother Tommy get involved with Jessica at Merlotte's?

A Howling Good Time

In Bon Temps, things are jumping at Merlotte’s where Sam (Sam Trammell) discovers his family camping out in the parking lot … in a van, of course. He convinces them to let Tommy stay with him, which I suspect he will regret big time. When a hormonal Arlene (Carrie Preston) nearly loses it under the stress of juggling her missing co-workers’ jobs, Sam hires Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) to lighten her load. Arlene doesn’t appreciate the younger, red-haired competition. At sheriff Dearborne’s retirement party, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) gets annoyed by a cocky, loudmouthed guy who reminds him of himself when he was younger. Seeking a new purpose in life, he blackmails Andy, the newly instated acting sheriff, into making him a cop. Lafayette (Nathan Ellis) leaves Tara a message letting her know about his new wheels and that she is inheriting his old car, not knowing that she’s, um, tied up at the moment. When a gang of white trash V junkies overpower him to cheat him out of a sale, Eric swoops in to save the … night. Driving away from the nearly ruined sale, a disappointed Eric lectures Lafayette about good salesmanship when he gets a call from a panicked Pam (Kristin Bauer) who notifies him that the Magister raided Fangtasia and found the stash of V. Eric arrives just as the Magister is torturing Pammy into confessing. Thinking quickly, the two implicate Bill in the V dealing, pointing to his disappearance as a sign of his guilt. Not totally convinced, the Magister nevertheless gives Eric two days to track down Bill or he’ll put Pam out of her ever-charming misery. Suspecting that all is not well with Bill, Sook refuses to give up her search for him and convinces Alcide to help her infiltrate the wolves’ den during the initiation of his ex Debbie. The covert mission requires that Sookie get a biker gal makeover from Alcide’s big sister, who takes an instant liking to Sookie. Sook, in turn, picks up on her thoughts, learning that Debbie is V-hooked. At Debbie’s initiation ceremony, we learn that Deb is foulmouthed and kind of butch.  What Alcide saw in her is a mystery. A much hotter, wigged-out Sookie does shots with the werewolves and looks on in amazement with Alcide as The King shows up and feeds the howling bikers his royal blood. When the werewolves begin to transform in their V-induced frenzy, Alcide, who also begins to turn, warns Sookie to get out before she’s left surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves. Bill, who’s out luring a lonely stripper for The King and Lorena to “celebrate” with, senses Sookie’s predicament, but stays put, joining his fellow vampires in slaughtering the woman in His Royal Toupee’s limo. Something tells me Bill’s return to the dark side will have lasting ramifications on his tortured romance with Sookie. 

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I don’t remember when I’ve hated a TV character as much as I do Bill’s meddling maker Lorena. All she has to do is show up in a scene and my back gets knotted up and my skin crawls. It’s a great testament to the acting skills of her portrayer Mariana Klaveno. This up-and-coming actress has made Lorena into one of TV’s all-time classic villainesses, right up there with Joan Collins’ Alexis on Dynasty and Marcia Cross’ psycho Kimberly on Melrose Place. Of course, being a vampire gives Lorena license to be viler than most TV characters. Fans of True Blood have to suspend belief and view the narrative through the filter of Alan Ball’s interpretation of Charlaine Harris’ book series, which takes place in a world where vampires are out and proud and have reached a tenuous detente with humans. The world of True Blood is hardly black and white. There are lots of gray areas. The “good” vampires exist on Tru Blood while the “bad” ones can’t resist the lure of drinking good-old-fashioned human blood straight from the “faucet.” Lorena clearly belongs to the latter group, but does this mean she deserves to be raped? Did Bill (Stephen Moyer), who’s ostensibly a good vampire, go too far in last week’s head-twisting sex scene? I ask this after reading an article in this week’s TV Guide that names Klaveno a scene stealer. I agree that she’s a standout, but I’m not sure I would classify what took place between Bill and Lorena in that shocking scene as his cheating on Sookie as the article states. True, they were having sex, but I interpreted the scene as a violent lashing out by Bill against Lorena for her incessant interference in his life. He was literally trying to screw her into nonexistence. I didn’t see it as the release of pent-up passion although Lorena certainly seemed to be enjoying it. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but the scene disturbed me with its unspoken message that a woman can enjoy sex that is forced upon her. The message was that Lorena is so evil that she deserved what she got. She was asking for it. Perhaps the head-twisting bit was a metaphor for their sick relationship, and vampire sex isn’t typically rose petals and chocolates, but I still found the encounter startling in its subtext. True Blood is certainly a show unafraid to push buttons. I just wonder how Sookie (Anna Paquin) will react when she finds out about this new “twist.”

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Is the Vampire King of Mississippi wearing a toupee?

New Folks in Town

June 20: It seemed like everyone was meeting newcomers with secret agendas in this episode while a few faces from the past made surprising appearances. Bill (Stephen Moyer) proves more than a match for the wolf pack, leaving nearly all of them dead and naked before the Vampire King of Mississippi Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare) shows up on horseback to reign in his lupine henchmen, just in time to save the very buff hide of lead wolf Coot (Grant Bowler of Ugly Betty). The King takes Bill back to his lavish mansion where he and his flamboyant husband Talbot (Theo Alexander) explain to Bill at dinner that he was kidnapped so that the King could offer him a job as sheriff of Mississippi. His Royal Toupee also wants Bill’s assistance in forcing Queen Sophie-Anne to marry him to unite their two vampire kingdoms. Bill refuses, telling the King that he doesn’t know Queenie’s dirty little secrets. Things get heated and fangs are bared when the King hints at hurting Sookie. They deteriorate further when that annoying Lorena (Mariana Klaveno) shows up in time for dessert. Bill welcomes his maker-tormentor by throwing an oil lamp at her, instantly setting her on fire. Cherries jubilee, anyone?

Back in Bon Temps, Sookie (Anna Paquin) tries to distract herself while waiting for word on Bill’s whereabouts. Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), who is in no rush to get Bill back in Sook’s life, clams up about the Nazi werewolf cult when Sook and Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) show up at Fangtasia with the news of their discovery at the crash site, but has a bloody flashback to his werewolf-hunting days with his maker Godric (Allan Hyde) in the 1940s. Clearly there’s more to these wolves than meets the eye.  While Eric and Sookie talk, Jessica takes advantage of some girl time in the ladies room with Pam (Kristin Bauer) to grill her elder vamp on how to avoid killing humans when feeding on them and, hypothetically speaking of course, how one would go about disposing of a dead body. After tearfully rejecting Hoyt’s latest attempt at reconciliation, Jess manages to share her crypt with the rotting corpse of her victim by spraying it liberally with Lysol. Later, she rents a chainsaw to chop it up, but discovers that it’s gone! Is there a new vampire in town? 

Now that Eric has convinced Sookie to invite him into her home, will he take advantage?

Family Issues

Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) saves Tara (Rutina Wesley) yet again and takes her to a long-term care facility for mental patients to meet his rambling mom Ruby (Alfre Woodard). The meeting has the desired effect and Tara promises to make an effort to get her act together and try to overcome the endless string of disasters that befall her. Lafayette and Ruby’s caretaker, a handsome orderly named Jesus (Kevin Alejandro), take note of each other. Something tells me Lafayette will be visiting his mamma more frequently in the near future. It doesn’t take Tara long to find new trouble at Merlotte’s. Hanging out on her day off so she doesn’t get tempted to kill herself again, she meets a mysterious stranger (are there any other kind?) who orders a bottle of Tru Blood and quizzes her about Bill. Unbeknownst to her, the cowboy-booted dude was rifling through some old photos and documents tracing Sookie’s family history. In another twist, he turns out to be a vampire who comes to Tara’s aid against two racist drunks outside Merlotte’s. Is he befriending Tara to get closer to Sookie? And if so, could he be working for someone who has a grudge against Sook?  Jason (Ryan Kwanten), accompanying Andy on a drug bust, also meets a stranger, a beautiful young woman who disappears into the woods when he turns to help his cop friend collar a drug dealer. Is Sookie’s brother about to get involved with a she-wolf?  In Arkansas, Sam (Sam Trammell) finally meets his family, the Pickens (at rifle-point), and may regret ever having tracked them down. It turns out mom and baby brother Tommy are both shifters while dad is just plain shifty. Taking a dog run with his sibling as a first attempt at bonding, Sam, in collie form, is nearly run over by a truck and he suspects his bitter little bro may have set him up. Tommy bears some serious scars that he attributes to fighting, but it seems his emotional scars may run far deeper. Back in Bon Temps, Terry (Todd Lowe) tries to convince a pregnant Arlene (Carrie Preston) of his fitness to be a caregiver for her kids even though she’s distracted by morning sickness. Ever the nice guy, Terry also gives Sookie a gun for protection. Sook handles the firearm like a pro, which comes in handy when a protective Eric shows up at her home and convinces her to invite him in. The two come upon a werewolf waiting in the dark for Sookie. As the snarling animal pounces, Eric springs into action and Sookie shoots her gun. Stay tuned, Truebies!

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