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The new issue of TV Guide got the scoop on how Sookie’s hunky new buddy Alcide (Joe Manganiello) the werewolf will look as his lupine alter ego. Check it out on page 10. It turns out that the True Blood producers opted to use real wolves rather than CGI effects. It should be interesting to see how well-trained the show’s hairy costars turn out. Werewolves have been a big pop culture trend recently and the approaches to their depiction have varied wildly. I liked the CGI wolves the Twilight movie series unleashed in “New Moon” and Benicio Del Toro’s updated tribute to the old-school Lon Chaney interpretation of “The Wolfman” was pretty chilling. I just hope True Blood at least gives us some cool transformation scenes. Sam (Sam Trammell) morphs into his dog form pretty seamlessly, but I personally like those messy man-to-wolf transitions that involve good-old-fashioned howling, stretching snouts and extending fangs and claws. Kind of like this scene from the ’80s classic “An American Werewolf in London.” Beware, it’s pretty intense!

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