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After all the love True Blood producers have shown the gay community this past season it was only a matter of time before some form of gay media paid tribute to the show in kind. Just in time for Halloween, this week’s edition of New York-based Next magazine, a local guide to entertainment, events and pop culture, published a clever parody of the infamous Rolling Stone cover featuring Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer’s blood-splattered,  intertwined naked bodies. The twist is that Next’s cover subjects are actors from “BearCity,” a new romantic comedy about gay men from the bear community (bear being a term embraced by rugged, often hairy gay men). The cover was shot for the magazine by Jeff Eason (aka Wilsonmodels). From left are Gerald McCullouch, Joe Conti and Stephen Guarino and they’re covered in honey. We all know how much bears love honey. LOL.

Next cover image copyright 2010 RND Enterprises. All rights reserved.

Rolling Stone cover image copyright 2010 Rolling Stone, LLC. All rights reserved.


I get that the show is called True BLOOD and not True Confessions, but did the cover shot of this week’s issue of Rolling Stone take the whole edgy/sexy/cool thing too far? As you have probably heard by now, Anna Paquin, Alex Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer are posing buck naked, their bodies intertwined with limbs strategically placed to pass newsstand censors in what seems to be a media-bating, and timely, twist by Rolling Stone’s editors on the media’s love affair with HBO’s pop-culture phenomenon. If getting free press was the goal, they accomplished it handily. This blogger couldn’t resist the bait of such an arresting image. As you can see, Rolling Stone’s effort to make the cover shot not just another run-of-the-mill True Blood photo op required covering the protagonists of the show’s central love triangle in what appears to be chocolate syrup sprayed artistically over their lithe bodies so as to appear as if they had just emerged from a blood-splattered three-way. The way the show’s plot has been moving along may have provided inspiration for the photo. Sookie is increasingly torn between the two vampire studs, so one might conclude that a “compromise” of sorts may be in the offing among the three at some point. True Blood has already shown practically every other possible sexual permutation, so it’s a distinct possibility. But back to the cover. Is it sexy? Like white on rice. I have to say, however, that as a purist, I think they look sloppy with their beauty sullied by the syrup blotches. Notice that Rolling Stone’s stylists went easy on their faces. True Blood is all about people who are sullied, both physically and emotionally, so perhaps this creative statement by star photographer Matthew Rolston is a literal interpretation of the underlying themes of the show. Then again maybe it’s just a dirty-sexy image meant to get people talking. Go figure.

Photo: copyright 2010 Rolling Stone LLC. All rights reserved.