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Chancellor Dieter Braun lost his head over the whole drinking Lilith’s blood thing.

July 22 – The Authority’s goons subdue the rampaging Russell with a net made of silver after he staked poor Roman. Salome finally confesses to digging up Russell in order to sic him on Roman and steal his position as the Authority’s guardian. She’s in cahoots with Norah as sanguinistas who will democratize the vampire power base among all vamps to live in servitude to Lilith as the vampire bible dictates. Eric is livid with Norah and can’t believe he fell for her act. Salome frees Russell, who claims to be now serving Lilith. When Salome offers the chancellors Lilith’s blood to drink Dieter Braun cries blasphemy and gets beheaded by Russ. The chancellors, along with Bill and Eric, get royally smashed on Lilith’s potent brand of V juice and walk the streets of New Orleans in a drunken stupor. Crashing a pre-wedding party, the vamps turn the humans’ festivities into a blood-soaked feeding frenzy, stopping momentarily to witness the curvaceous nude form of Lilith emerge from a floating drop of blood. The vampire queen directs them to continue their gorging but Eric is stopped by the spirit of Godric, who tells him what they’re doing is wrong. Will Eric rise up against Lilith’s will? Alcide is determined to beat alpha male J.D. for control of the wolf pack without using V to even the playing field as his new she-wolf friend Rikki suggests. A frisky Alcide and Rikki’s fight workout morphs into a sexy wrestling match which Martha interrupts. She won’t believe J.D. is on V but later catches him trying to feed it to Emma. In fairyland, the fairies revive Sookie and reveal they blasted her to test her luminescence, which is finite and will be depleted as she uses her powers. The prospect of being powerless is not unappealing to Sook, however. During a visit to the hospital to visit Luna, Sook ponders with Sam how living as a human again would be safer. She may have a point, the hate thugs are thirsting for revenge against Sam for killing one of their group as Sam discovers when he catches one of them lurking around the hospital. Worse yet, they’ve convinced Hoyt that his place is with them. Meanwhile, family issues bedevil Tara and Lafayette. Tara’s mother interrupts her daughter’s super-powered pole dance at Fangtasia to tell her she’s disowning her. Tara makes a veiled threat in return but is devastated by her mom’s rejection nonetheless. Pam, who is genuinely proud of Tara’s erotic dancing skills, comforts her progeny briefly, promising she’ll totally forget her human mother in 100 years. Lafayette tracks down Jesus’ uncle Don Bartolo and is caught in the brujo’s trap. Tying up Lafayette and suturing his mouth shut like Jesus, Don Bartolo plans to transfer Lafayette’s brujo mojo, which he believes Lafayette doesn’t deserve, into the unborn child his wife is carrying. Luckily for Lafayette, the wife isn’t on board with the game plan and stabs Bartolo to death then frees Lafayette.

Jessica’s not smiling after her tiff with Jason. Will she be the hate group’s next target?

The boring Ifrit story limps along as Arlene is comforted by Holly, who reminds her friend that they’ve seen enough crazy stuff to warrant giving Terry the benefit of the doubt. The Ifrit continues to toy with Patrick and Terry, biding its time before making a final attack. Yawn. Far more juicy is Jason’s encounter with Jess after he interrupts her feeding session on a hunky fangbanger. Jason insults Jess and she instinctively bites him so he shoots her in the head. Although the gunshot wound heals immediately, the wound to Jess’ heart proves deeper and she banishes Jason from her mansion as her guards pounce to protect her. Jason is distracted from his fight with Jessica by a blinding light show caused by Sookie unleashing a torrent of light blasts into the sky to deplete her powers. Will Sook go back to being just a waitress again?



How did Bill become a vampire king?

June 26 – Having had her fill of both Bill and Eric last season, Sookie accepted Claudine’s invitation to the seemingly idyllic world of the fairies. She soon discovers that appearances are very deceiving, however. Fairyland has a few surprises in store for our gal Sook. She encounters some familiar faces – the bellhop at the Dallas hotel where she stayed while investigating the Brotherhood of the Sun two years ago – and her grandfather Earl, who shares her telepathic gift. The beautiful fairies feed their new recruits a glowing fruit called Lumiere which has a hypnotic – and sinister – effect once eaten.  Sook warns her Granddaddy that all is not as it appears in Fairyland and refuses to eat the Lumiere at the insistence of the fairy queen Mab. When Mab tries to force the freaky fruit down Sook’s throat Sookie blasts her with her light power, hurling Mab with such force that the fairy world’s illusion of beauty is shattered, unmasking the fairies as  ugly, impish creatures who toss exploding energy balls when they’re ticked off. A battle breaks out among warring factions of the fairies and a male fairy helps Sook and Earl escape back to Bon Temps through a portal.  Unfortunately, Earl has eaten the lumiere and immediately vaporizes upon giving Sook his watch to pass on to Jason.  Upon returning home, Sookie finds that Jason is now a cop and has sold her home to a mysterious real estate company called AIK.  Worse still, she discovers that the fifteen minutes she spent in Fairyland were actually 12 months and plenty has changed in her absence.  Sensing her presence, Bill and Eric pop up at sundown and the stirrings of their love triangle begin anew. Andy, however, isn’t too pleased to learn she’s alive after he spent time and money to search for her thinking Bill had killed her.  Bill offers the explanation that she was away on “vampire business” and Jason takes Andy away to appease the grouchy lawman who appears to be hooked on V. Jason has his own problems when the raw-meat loving werepanther kids he’s looking after in Hotshot knock him out and lock him in a big fridge.  Is he to be their next meal? Sook’s friends have been busy over the past year.Lafayetteis pressured by Jesus into joining a witches coven led by an elder Wiccan named Marnie, who spooksLafayetteby channeling the vampire from whom he harvested V before Jason and his V junkie girlfriend killed him. Cousin Tara, not totally surprisingly, ends up working out her aggressions as a cage fighter whose wrestling with her sexy female opponent extends to the bedroom. Tara ignores Lafayette’s text announcing Sookie’s return, preferring her new Sapphic bliss over the man-fueled mayhem she endured back home. Jessica and Hoyt’s domestic bliss is fraying over their difference in appetites and Jess’s lousy cooking skills with human food. When the two have a date night at Fangtasia, the flame-haired bloodsucker can’t help but be tempted by the throbbing vein of a hunky human patron who flirts with her. Pam can’t resist teasing her in the restroom and tells her not to fight her nature. At Merlotte’s Tommy has hooked up with Hoyt’s mom (eewwww!) and Sam is taking anger management therapy with a group of shifters who like to “horse around” after a good session. Arlene has given birth to a cute little boy who likes to tear the heads of Barbie dolls… lots of them. Fearing this is a sign of her baby inheriting Rene’s murderous nature, Arlene tells her kid that “Killing is wrong!”  While Sookie enlists the new lady lawyer Portia’s help in reclaiming her home, Eric and Bill mount media campaigns to undo the damage to vampire-human relations caused by King Russell Edgington’s nationally broadcast murder of a news anchor last year. The two have been plotting as well.  One of the witches participating in Marnie’s latest spell to revive her dead parrot Minerva heads out to visit Bill to report back on what she spied and she addresses Bill as “your majesty.” Bill is now a vampire king!  Perhaps an upcoming Queen Sophie Ann flashback will reveal how this surprising twist came to be.  Eric, meanwhile, has a juicy surprise of his own when he interrupts a dripping wet Sookie coming out of a bath. It seems the Viking Vamp is the mysterious buyer of Sookie’s home, which means she cannot deny him entry to the house. Baring his “erect” fangs, Eric proclaims that Sookie is now his! Is this supposed to be bad news? Hmmm.

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Will Eric take advantage of his new power over Sookie? We can only hope!

Will Lafayette see through Franklin's fake text message and save Tara from a life as a modestly dressed vampire bride?

The Ties that Bind

July18: You might say that Tara (Rutina Wesley) isn’t a gal who likes to get tied down, but since she hooked up with Franklin (James Frain) she hasn’t had much choice in the matter. Sookie’s bad-luck buddy is tied to a chair when Bill (Stephen Moyer) arrives with King Russell (Denis O’Hare) and Lorena (Mariana Klaveno) from draining the poor stripper at the end of last week’s episode. Tara is shocked when Bill refuses to help her escape. We learn a few things about His Royal Toupee, all of them bad. He’s Franklin’s mysterious employer and, even though he disapproves of Franklin’s bad habit of fixating on human females, he admires the quality of his work. He’s especially pleased to learn that Sookie’s in Jackson. Franklin, meanwhile, isn’t happy at all when Tara tries to escape her bindings in bed, only to be recaptured by a wolfed-out Coot (Grant Bowler). Freaky Frankie cries tears of blood in his anger and disappointment in Tara, who tries to manipulate him into granting her more freedom to roam around the King’s royal pad. Frankie relents, but she’s not too keen on the matronly dress he forces her to wear and her hosts’ flowery meal plan for humans.  She’s also not too jazzed about Frankie’s plan to make her his modestly dressed vampire bride for eternity. Where’s a maniacal maenad when you need one? Back in Bon Temps, Tara’s boss Sam (Sam Trammell) is busy breaking in his new hostess Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll), who, annoyed at Arlene’s vamp-phobic put-downs, glamours her customers into not giving her tips. Jess also isn’t happy when Hoyt shows up at Merlotte’s with a dippy date but Tommy, unimpressed by Hoyt, pumps up her fragile ego with some sweet talkin’. How will he feel when he finds out that Jess is damned to be an eternal virgin? And what’s up with boozy Daddy Pickens yelling at Sam that he “owns” Tommy? Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) gets a visit from a love-struck Jesus (Kevin Alejandro), who spends the afternoon at Merlotte’s just to be near him.  At police headquarters, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) shows up for his first day on the force and spends it playing with office equipment. He’s much more stimulated when, shirtless and glistening, he spots the pretty blonde he’d seen in the woods during his drug bust with Andy and pulls her over, using his non-existent cop credentials to pump her for information, getting only her name – Crystal. Later that night, he spots her outside Merlotte’s and they take a walk to the lake, evoking memories of Sam’s ill-fated fling with Maryann’s pig girl Daphne last year. Taking things slowly as usual, Jason bangs Crystal while leaning against a tree, noting that she seems like an outdoorsy girl. Might she be one of the werepanthers written about in this week’s TV Guide? Hello kitty, indeed.

The Viking’s Vengeance

Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Alcide (Joe Manganiello) escape the werewolves celebrating Debbie’s initiation and argue over his devotion to the trashy she-wolf. Alcide maintains that she was a good gal — when she wasn’t drinkin’ and cheatin’ on him, that is. To her credit, skanky Debbie shows up to urge Alcide to leave Jackson while he still has his fur intact, but she loses it when Sook emerges from the bedroom. Sookie isn’t too happy when Deb offers to cut her up, but she advises her to return to Alcide anyway. I think Deb just needs to be deloused. Alcide clearly needs counseling. Sook and Alcide visit some old guy named the Pack Master for guidance on how to handle King Russell’s schemes, but Sookie picks up on the senior wolf’s fear of his Royal Toupee’s power. Russ, we learn, has been using werewolves to do his evil bidding for centuries. While the King plots to get his hands on Sookie, Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) shows up at the mansion looking for Bill to serve him up to the Vampire Magister back in Bon Temps in exchange for Pam’s undead life. He’s pleased to learn that Bill has renounced his ties to Louisiana — and Sookie – to remain in Jackson as His Royal Toupee’s sheriff. Russell invites Eric to stay, to the delight of a visibly smitten Talbot (Theo Alexander) who gives him a very personal tour of Casa Edgington. Eric discovers that The King has the crown his Viking father wore the night he and the rest of Eric’s family were slaughtered by bloodthirsty werewolves commanded by a hooded figure. Will Eric use Talbot’s man crush on him to deliver a long-delayed revenge on King Russell? Is the Pope Catholic? Elsewhere, The King, accompanied by Coot and one of his vampire bodyguards, barges in on Bill’s bittersweet reunion with Sookie. After overpowering Alcide and Bill, the King and Coot corner Sook, who zaps the Cootster with her mysterious light beam to King Russell’s delight. The display confirms his hunch that Sookie is definitely something special. I still say she’s an earthbound angel. Stay tuned, Truebies!

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Is Bill really turning to the dark side or is he faking it?

Bill’s Dark Journey

July 11: After the fight at the wolves’ lair, Sookie (Anna Paquin) tends to the wounds on Alcide’s chiseled body when she gets a call from Bill (Stephen Moyer), who breaks up with her, robotically telling her about his sex session with Lorena (Mariana Klaveno), who relishes pouring salt into Sookie’s wound. Lorena shouldn’t celebrate so soon since Bill tells her he only “screwed” her in order to help kill his love for Sookie and that the romp meant nothing more to him. He even punches her out of his bedroom for good measure. She, of course, enjoys the continued abuse from her prodigal offspring-lover. Alcide (Joe Manganiello) gives Sookie a well-muscled shoulder to lean on but when the devastated telepathic waitress hints at some horizontal rebound action, he sadly puts a shirt on and stays with her through the night. Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), meanwhile, has a “night dream” about consummating his desire for a lingerie-clad Sookie at Fangtasia as if he senses the rift between Sook and her undead lover. (Is that the sound of millions of Team Eric fans swooning in the background?). The next morning, Sook gets a call from Tara (Rutina Wesley), who’s been tied up, bitten and glamoured by the psychotic Franklin (James Frain) into finding out where she and Bill are. Franklin then takes Tara to The King’s mansion in Jackson where Theo deems her too thin to be a present. The question is whether Tara will end up being Franklin’s mate or his meal. Bill puts his plan into motion and gives The King (Denis O’hare) the scoop on how Eric is dealing V for Queen Sophie-Ann in Louisiana. The information gives His Royal Toupee serious leverage against Queenie and Bill asks that his Highness eliminate Lorena in return. Time to celebrate, proclaims the King. 

Will Sam's little brother Tommy get involved with Jessica at Merlotte's?

A Howling Good Time

In Bon Temps, things are jumping at Merlotte’s where Sam (Sam Trammell) discovers his family camping out in the parking lot … in a van, of course. He convinces them to let Tommy stay with him, which I suspect he will regret big time. When a hormonal Arlene (Carrie Preston) nearly loses it under the stress of juggling her missing co-workers’ jobs, Sam hires Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) to lighten her load. Arlene doesn’t appreciate the younger, red-haired competition. At sheriff Dearborne’s retirement party, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) gets annoyed by a cocky, loudmouthed guy who reminds him of himself when he was younger. Seeking a new purpose in life, he blackmails Andy, the newly instated acting sheriff, into making him a cop. Lafayette (Nathan Ellis) leaves Tara a message letting her know about his new wheels and that she is inheriting his old car, not knowing that she’s, um, tied up at the moment. When a gang of white trash V junkies overpower him to cheat him out of a sale, Eric swoops in to save the … night. Driving away from the nearly ruined sale, a disappointed Eric lectures Lafayette about good salesmanship when he gets a call from a panicked Pam (Kristin Bauer) who notifies him that the Magister raided Fangtasia and found the stash of V. Eric arrives just as the Magister is torturing Pammy into confessing. Thinking quickly, the two implicate Bill in the V dealing, pointing to his disappearance as a sign of his guilt. Not totally convinced, the Magister nevertheless gives Eric two days to track down Bill or he’ll put Pam out of her ever-charming misery. Suspecting that all is not well with Bill, Sook refuses to give up her search for him and convinces Alcide to help her infiltrate the wolves’ den during the initiation of his ex Debbie. The covert mission requires that Sookie get a biker gal makeover from Alcide’s big sister, who takes an instant liking to Sookie. Sook, in turn, picks up on her thoughts, learning that Debbie is V-hooked. At Debbie’s initiation ceremony, we learn that Deb is foulmouthed and kind of butch.  What Alcide saw in her is a mystery. A much hotter, wigged-out Sookie does shots with the werewolves and looks on in amazement with Alcide as The King shows up and feeds the howling bikers his royal blood. When the werewolves begin to transform in their V-induced frenzy, Alcide, who also begins to turn, warns Sookie to get out before she’s left surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves. Bill, who’s out luring a lonely stripper for The King and Lorena to “celebrate” with, senses Sookie’s predicament, but stays put, joining his fellow vampires in slaughtering the woman in His Royal Toupee’s limo. Something tells me Bill’s return to the dark side will have lasting ramifications on his tortured romance with Sookie. 

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Is being afraid of vampires the same as racism? That’s the issue debated by Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Tara (Rutina Wesley) in the latest True Blood minisode released by HBO. The scene, which apparently took place sometime during season two, reveals how Tara isn’t totally convinced that Sookie’s relationship with Bill (Stephen Moyer) is a good idea. A touchy Sook compares her love affair with Bill to Tara’s ill-fated relationship with Eggs, who is still alive when the argument transpires. The ladies get a bit testy while Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) looks on, then scolds Tara for giving Sook a bad time. Tara, as usual, won’t stand for Lafayette’s sass. It all makes you look forward to some more bitchy interactions when season 3 starts June 13. Watch the scene here.

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August 23: Wall to wall action! 

Bill & SookieThe Exorcists

Despite having another sexy dream about Eric in his vulnerable state of mourning Godric’s passing, Sookie demonstrated what a great team she and Bill make when they arrived in Bon Temps to discover the town in a state of chaos. Finding her home transformed into an eerie, candle-lit garden of evil, Sookie and Bill confronted Miss Maryann and we discovered that although she’s superstrong like the vamps, and her blood is noxious to Bill, she is vulnerable to an agitated Sookie’s touch, which created a blinding glow when it met the maenad’s fiendish flesh. “What are you?,” wondered a fascinated Maryann, echoing Lorena’s question when she bit the nerdy, telepathic bellhop in Dallas. Could the glow mean that Sookie and the bellhop are Earth-bound angels? Will they figure in Maryann’s defeat? Stay tuned. Fleeing chez Maryann, our dynamic duo tackled the task of freeing Tara from her possession. Sookie and Bill again proved a formidable duo when they combined their powers to liberate Tara from Maryann’s spell.

Friend or foe? Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Sophie-Ann

Friend or foe? Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Sophie-Ann

Bill promptly left town to recruit the help of a royal vampire who just might have the solution to Bon Temp’s maenad problem. Evan Rachel Wood, the beautiful actress who is dating shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, has been cast as Sophie-Ann, the Queen of the Vampires. Will she be good or a total bitch? Will “True Blood” be swapping one villainess for another? 

Mob Mentality

Maybe we’re crazy, but detective Andy is really starting to grow on us. We love how he’s protecting the adorable Sam, even if he is “an occasional nudist.” After the two were lured to Merlotte’s by a possessed Arlene’s fake distress call, they managed to get themselves locked in the freezer. Luckily, Jason shows up in  a Rambo-meets-the-Texas-Chainsaw-Massacre get up (which nicely showcased his toned biceps, by the way), wielding a chainsaw and a B-movie attitude.

Jason always ends up shirtless. Go figure.

Jason always ends up shirtless. Go figure.

 When Sam surrendered himself to Maryann’s minions, Jason and Andy proved they’re not as stupid as they look by faking the arrival of the “horned god” everyone’s been awaiting. Andy has a second career waiting for him as a special effects guy and Jason, well he looked mighty toned in his shirtless getup as Miss Maryann’s faux demon god. Sam’s shift into fly mode was a stroke of genius and the dumb denizens of Bon Temps bought it hook, line and sinker.

 Best lines of the night:

 “You dirty little monkey,” – Hoyt’s possessed mom, putting the moves on a grossed-out Jason at Bill’s house.

 “At least shoot the cheap liquor. Bottom shelf! Bottom shelf!” – a possessed, but cost-conscious, Arlene to her gun-toting lover man Terry as they struggled to subdue Sam and Andy at Merlotte’s.

 “There’s a new waitress at Merlotte’s?” – a hopeful Jason, anticipating a new conquest before learning of Daphne’s untimely demise.

 “Jesus and I agreed to see other people. That don’t mean we don’t talk from time to time,” – Lafayette to his stunned aunt after completing her prayer to release Tara from her possession.

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The Party’s Over

Maryann the maenad is royally ticked off. She thought it would be relatively easy to waltz into the Bon Temps jailhouse and “free” Sam from his imprisonment. Lucky thing he was inspired to “fly” the coop through an air vent and promptly showed up at the front door of boozy detective Andy, who didn’t even flinch at the sight of a naked Sam. An enraged Miss Maryann freed the Bon Temps jailbirds, who had been in her recent orgy, in “black-eyed” mode and commanded them to hunt for Sam, who better have a good plan to avoid the sacrificial altar she’s prepared for him. Next week’s previews suggest that the stage has been set for a battle royal between Miss Maryann and the good people of Bon Temps (what’s left of them, anyway) and our valiant vampires.



Eric in his tank

Eric’s Treasure Chest

In the aftermath of the suicide bombing at Godric’s lair, Sookie found herself lying underneath Eric (where he’s wanted her to be for a while now). After Eric covered her body from the blast with his well-muscled Viking bod, Sookie had no choice but to suck the bloody silver shards out of his manly neck and chest. Pretending to be on his death bed to fool Sookie into drinking his blood, Eric proved he’s still a manipulative, selfish, horny vamp (the way we love him). Now Sookie is a part of him forever, an understandably disgruntled Bill pronounced. Yuck, says Sookie. Yum, thinks Eric, who later appears in an erotic dream she has, triggered by her blood bond with him. Eric and Sook looked mighty nice in a soft glow, lying side by side in bed in delicious discovery of each other. “Bill who?,” she thought, egged on by that killjoy Lorena (will she NEVER leave?).

Goodbye, Godric

The farewell between Godric and Eric before Godric ends his life by stepping into daylight was heartbreaking with some damn fine acting by Alexander Skarsgard. This actor has many delightful layers that we are eagerly waiting to see revealed in future episodes. Sookie, looking fetching in her checkered dress, stood by Godric as he joyfully ended his eternal life, giving him the human companionship he so craved. We’re bummed to see him go. He’s super cute and interesting. Might he rise again, like a phoenix? Hmmm.

Best lines of the night:

“I can’t breathe. You weigh a ton.” – Sookie, pushing Eric’s hunky body off her like debris after he saved her life in the explosion.

“I simply object to a girlfriend who will kill you and eat you. I think that’s reasonable.” – Hoyt’s prejudiced mom, defending her objections to his dating Jessica.

“You’re a soulless bitch.” – Lafayette, telling it like it is to Miss Maryann before beating the crap out of Eggs and hauling a screaming Tara out of Maryann’s clutches, for now, anyway.

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Maryann: a gal in serious need of a manicure.

Maryann: a gal in serious need of a manicure.

Hi all! I’m a “True Blood” fan who is a tad late to the whole blogging thing, but I’m here nevertheless (and happily so). My first post about this amazing, kick-ass show that never fails to make me say — nay, scream — OMG! begs the question: What is Maryann really up to? OK, so we now know that she’s a maenad, a mythological creature who is some sort of high priestess who worships the Greek god Dionysus. This Dionysus dude is the god of wine and according to Wikipedia (one of my favorite things in this world, so handy), he inspires madness and ecstasy. This explains all the horny goings-on among the clueless town folk of Bon Temps around the campfire when Miss Maryann tried to literally get her claws back into poor Sam. The “True Blood” producers — whom I love dearly for putting passion back into TV, believe me — have distracted us with all that neo-Nazi Brotherhood of the Sun stuff in Dallas, but I still think next month’s season finale will center on Maryann’s true reason for being in town. I have a sneaking suspicion that her hunky minion Eggs has implanted some sort of demon spawn inside poor Tara’s incubator. Ever since Maryann came to town, literally running Tara off the road with her little piggy Daphne (so glad to see her go), she’s been hellbent on Tara and Eggs doing the nasty. And did they ever! As their sinewy bodies coupled, their lascivious faces all spooky with black-eyed abandon, Maryann vibrated faster than a popular girl’s cellphone set to the silent mode. Feeding Daphne’s shapeshifting heart to the unsuspecting Tara and Eggs struck us as if she were adding a final ingredient to a mighty potent recipe. I think it’s gonna be a recipe for disaster. Rosemary’s Baby, anyone?

Here, Miss Maryann confronts her favorite wayward pet Sam. Funny how nobody questioned her unique hairstyling preferences.

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