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“Just tell me what you want, daddy.” That line alone makes watching HBO’s latest minisode worth it. This one gives us a much-needed glimpse of Bill (Stephen Moyer) sometime before he vanished. A rather randy jewellry saleswoman nearly forgets why she is visiting Sookie’s vampire paramour when she gets a load of him in an open robe. Unfortunately for her, he’s wearing pants. The salacious salesgal doesn’t get what she wants, but our guy Bill manages to use her lust to work out a nice price on the ring he got for Sook. The lady is a stitch. I hope she’s featured in the upcoming season.


Is being afraid of vampires the same as racism? That’s the issue debated by Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Tara (Rutina Wesley) in the latest True Blood minisode released by HBO. The scene, which apparently took place sometime during season two, reveals how Tara isn’t totally convinced that Sookie’s relationship with Bill (Stephen Moyer) is a good idea. A touchy Sook compares her love affair with Bill to Tara’s ill-fated relationship with Eggs, who is still alive when the argument transpires. The ladies get a bit testy while Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) looks on, then scolds Tara for giving Sook a bad time. Tara, as usual, won’t stand for Lafayette’s sass. It all makes you look forward to some more bitchy interactions when season 3 starts June 13. Watch the scene here.

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