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Our favorite telepathic waitress/fairy Sookie Stackhouse is one lucky gal. Now that she’s dumped Bill for not being honest about his original intentions when he first met her, she’s a single woman up for grabs… literally. And we all know that she has three very sexy and diverse leading men vying for her attention this season. Bill may be on the sidelines for a while, what with his new duties as vampire king of Louisiana and all, but I’m sure he’ll keep a watchful eye on developments between Sookie and Eric, especially now that Eric has a sweet new personality that will no doubt melt the heart of the delectable Ms. Stackhouse. Complicating things further — in a very good way for viewers, mind you — is the return of the ruggedly handsome werewolf Alcide Herveaux. Alcide’s arrival last season as Sook’s watchdog was a bit overblown if you ask me. He’s hot all right, but he never really stepped up to pursue Sookie the way an aggressive wolf man would. This season I think will be another story. Hopefully we’ll see a fruition of the potential that Joe Manganiello brings to the role as a serious contender for Sook’s love. He’s a big lug who is gallantly shy around her and one would argue that his interest in her is more pure — unless werewolves crave fairy blood, too, that is. This is the premise explored in a fun cover story TV Guide has this week with interviews with Joe, Stephen Moyer and Alex Skarsgard. TV Guide’s website features a Q&A with the hunky stars that shows how Alan Ball‘s cast is as provocative offscreen as they are in character. Let’s just say much is made about private-part-covering socks and the size of Manganiello’s pectorals. It’s not be missed so check it out here and pick up this week’s issue for the full story and hot pics.


Magazine alert! All you Truebies had better get a copy of next week’s TV Guide, which has a very sexy cover shot of our gal Sookie (Anna Paquin) with bad boy Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) doing their rendition of a romance novel cover. The magazine, which has another cover on newsstands featuring Anna with real-life fiance Stephen Moyer (Bill), also features a two-page spread showing Anna with both of her vampire suitors as a mid-season teaser of the major plot twists we can look forward to in Sunday’s episode. The central point of the article is the division among True Blood fans regarding which sexy vamp Sookie should be with. Musclebound werewolf Alcide (Joe Manganiello) is thrown in as a dark horse candidate just to complicate things further. I’ll admit that Alcide — recently upgraded to series regular for season 4 — is a hot addition to the cast, but so far his attraction to Sookie has been a slow burn. He’s still hung up on that tarty she-wolf Debbie Pelt and the fact that he would even notice her dampens my enthusiasm for him. Still, there’s plenty of twists left in the remainder of the season, which has been a little overstuffed if you ask me, and perhaps Alcide will break the hold doggy Deb has on him and rise up to challenge Bill and Eric for Sookie’s love. Alan Ball hints that Bill and Sookie’s bond will be seriously damaged by upcoming revelations and this is where I think the tide will turn in Eric’s direction. I have to say I’m inching closer to Team Eric these days. I love the sound of Bill’s honey-dripped accent when he says “Sookieeeeeh,” but the way Alex Skarsgard has looked at Anna in some of his scenes from the past two seasons literally melted the TV screen. He does a great job of communicating with this facial expressions and body language (and what a body!) how Eric HATES the fact that Sookie is getting to him, but he is helpless to stop his feelings. I think Sookie feels the same way.

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Will Lafayette see through Franklin's fake text message and save Tara from a life as a modestly dressed vampire bride?

The Ties that Bind

July18: You might say that Tara (Rutina Wesley) isn’t a gal who likes to get tied down, but since she hooked up with Franklin (James Frain) she hasn’t had much choice in the matter. Sookie’s bad-luck buddy is tied to a chair when Bill (Stephen Moyer) arrives with King Russell (Denis O’Hare) and Lorena (Mariana Klaveno) from draining the poor stripper at the end of last week’s episode. Tara is shocked when Bill refuses to help her escape. We learn a few things about His Royal Toupee, all of them bad. He’s Franklin’s mysterious employer and, even though he disapproves of Franklin’s bad habit of fixating on human females, he admires the quality of his work. He’s especially pleased to learn that Sookie’s in Jackson. Franklin, meanwhile, isn’t happy at all when Tara tries to escape her bindings in bed, only to be recaptured by a wolfed-out Coot (Grant Bowler). Freaky Frankie cries tears of blood in his anger and disappointment in Tara, who tries to manipulate him into granting her more freedom to roam around the King’s royal pad. Frankie relents, but she’s not too keen on the matronly dress he forces her to wear and her hosts’ flowery meal plan for humans.  She’s also not too jazzed about Frankie’s plan to make her his modestly dressed vampire bride for eternity. Where’s a maniacal maenad when you need one? Back in Bon Temps, Tara’s boss Sam (Sam Trammell) is busy breaking in his new hostess Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll), who, annoyed at Arlene’s vamp-phobic put-downs, glamours her customers into not giving her tips. Jess also isn’t happy when Hoyt shows up at Merlotte’s with a dippy date but Tommy, unimpressed by Hoyt, pumps up her fragile ego with some sweet talkin’. How will he feel when he finds out that Jess is damned to be an eternal virgin? And what’s up with boozy Daddy Pickens yelling at Sam that he “owns” Tommy? Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) gets a visit from a love-struck Jesus (Kevin Alejandro), who spends the afternoon at Merlotte’s just to be near him.  At police headquarters, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) shows up for his first day on the force and spends it playing with office equipment. He’s much more stimulated when, shirtless and glistening, he spots the pretty blonde he’d seen in the woods during his drug bust with Andy and pulls her over, using his non-existent cop credentials to pump her for information, getting only her name – Crystal. Later that night, he spots her outside Merlotte’s and they take a walk to the lake, evoking memories of Sam’s ill-fated fling with Maryann’s pig girl Daphne last year. Taking things slowly as usual, Jason bangs Crystal while leaning against a tree, noting that she seems like an outdoorsy girl. Might she be one of the werepanthers written about in this week’s TV Guide? Hello kitty, indeed.

The Viking’s Vengeance

Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Alcide (Joe Manganiello) escape the werewolves celebrating Debbie’s initiation and argue over his devotion to the trashy she-wolf. Alcide maintains that she was a good gal — when she wasn’t drinkin’ and cheatin’ on him, that is. To her credit, skanky Debbie shows up to urge Alcide to leave Jackson while he still has his fur intact, but she loses it when Sook emerges from the bedroom. Sookie isn’t too happy when Deb offers to cut her up, but she advises her to return to Alcide anyway. I think Deb just needs to be deloused. Alcide clearly needs counseling. Sook and Alcide visit some old guy named the Pack Master for guidance on how to handle King Russell’s schemes, but Sookie picks up on the senior wolf’s fear of his Royal Toupee’s power. Russ, we learn, has been using werewolves to do his evil bidding for centuries. While the King plots to get his hands on Sookie, Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) shows up at the mansion looking for Bill to serve him up to the Vampire Magister back in Bon Temps in exchange for Pam’s undead life. He’s pleased to learn that Bill has renounced his ties to Louisiana — and Sookie – to remain in Jackson as His Royal Toupee’s sheriff. Russell invites Eric to stay, to the delight of a visibly smitten Talbot (Theo Alexander) who gives him a very personal tour of Casa Edgington. Eric discovers that The King has the crown his Viking father wore the night he and the rest of Eric’s family were slaughtered by bloodthirsty werewolves commanded by a hooded figure. Will Eric use Talbot’s man crush on him to deliver a long-delayed revenge on King Russell? Is the Pope Catholic? Elsewhere, The King, accompanied by Coot and one of his vampire bodyguards, barges in on Bill’s bittersweet reunion with Sookie. After overpowering Alcide and Bill, the King and Coot corner Sook, who zaps the Cootster with her mysterious light beam to King Russell’s delight. The display confirms his hunch that Sookie is definitely something special. I still say she’s an earthbound angel. Stay tuned, Truebies!

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I don’t remember when I’ve hated a TV character as much as I do Bill’s meddling maker Lorena. All she has to do is show up in a scene and my back gets knotted up and my skin crawls. It’s a great testament to the acting skills of her portrayer Mariana Klaveno. This up-and-coming actress has made Lorena into one of TV’s all-time classic villainesses, right up there with Joan Collins’ Alexis on Dynasty and Marcia Cross’ psycho Kimberly on Melrose Place. Of course, being a vampire gives Lorena license to be viler than most TV characters. Fans of True Blood have to suspend belief and view the narrative through the filter of Alan Ball’s interpretation of Charlaine Harris’ book series, which takes place in a world where vampires are out and proud and have reached a tenuous detente with humans. The world of True Blood is hardly black and white. There are lots of gray areas. The “good” vampires exist on Tru Blood while the “bad” ones can’t resist the lure of drinking good-old-fashioned human blood straight from the “faucet.” Lorena clearly belongs to the latter group, but does this mean she deserves to be raped? Did Bill (Stephen Moyer), who’s ostensibly a good vampire, go too far in last week’s head-twisting sex scene? I ask this after reading an article in this week’s TV Guide that names Klaveno a scene stealer. I agree that she’s a standout, but I’m not sure I would classify what took place between Bill and Lorena in that shocking scene as his cheating on Sookie as the article states. True, they were having sex, but I interpreted the scene as a violent lashing out by Bill against Lorena for her incessant interference in his life. He was literally trying to screw her into nonexistence. I didn’t see it as the release of pent-up passion although Lorena certainly seemed to be enjoying it. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but the scene disturbed me with its unspoken message that a woman can enjoy sex that is forced upon her. The message was that Lorena is so evil that she deserved what she got. She was asking for it. Perhaps the head-twisting bit was a metaphor for their sick relationship, and vampire sex isn’t typically rose petals and chocolates, but I still found the encounter startling in its subtext. True Blood is certainly a show unafraid to push buttons. I just wonder how Sookie (Anna Paquin) will react when she finds out about this new “twist.”

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Can True Blood get any gayer? Apparently, yes. This week’s TV Guide has an exclusive peek at Talbot, the young male vampire companion of the Vampire King of Mississippi. It seems there’s going to be a little extramarital nibbling between Talbot (Theo Alexander) and one of the show’s resident hunks. Columnist William Keck hints that the lucky Greek vamp will canoodle with the character we True Bloodies would most want to see in a boy kiss. Swedish meatballs, anyone?

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Stephen & AnnaWe at Biting Remarks realize that our recent posts have repeatedly sung the praises of Alexander Skarsgard’s compelling performance as Eric (deservedly so), but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the formidable attributes of True Blood’s star vamp, Bill Compton. So as we await next Sunday’s penultimate episode of the season with bated breath, we introduce a regular feature to this blog called “Supernatural Stats,” in which we’ll occasionally examine some personal tidbits about our favorite True Blood stars. We begin this week with a few morsels about the oh-so-sexy Stephen Moyer.

Born: In Brentwood, Essex, England on October 11, 1969 (well preserved, like a true vampire!)

Personal:  Has a young son and daughter by previous relationships and is engaged to co-star Anna Paquin (but you knew that already, didn’t you?)

Career Notes: Cut his teeth with stage roles and TV appearances in his native England; Played the title role in the 1997 film “Prince Valiant” opposite Katherine Heigl and had his big break in the USA Network miniseries “The Starter Wife,” which went on to a short run as a weekly series without him after he had committed to “True Blood.” His absence probably killed the show’s chances.

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The Starter Wife

The Starter Wife screen capture by Sanna_o75. Click on the image to see more great shots of Stephen!